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My grow room. 2.4 x 1 x 2.4 with 8 Flowering plants


Nug of the Month: Apr 2008
This is my new Grow Room, my plants where getting to big so I had to build a bigger place.

I grow 4x Feminized Snow White and 4x PPP ( Pure Power plant ) both from nirvana. All are verry healty

I use all Canna products.
* Canna Coco A & B
* Cannazym
* Ritzotonic
* CannaBoost
* PK 13/14
* PH +
* PH -
* For testing the PH I manually testing it with a scale. got it at local
Pharmacey. I get perfect reaults everytime

I don't use any Hydroponics, I Like watering and fixing my self

They all are 20 days in flowering stage. Used PK 13/14 today and waiting to see some big resaults. Until know the leaves are covered in resins and top Cola is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

The plants grow in a 2.4 x 1 x 2.4 m big grow room

Using 2 x 400w Philips HPS Son t with complete reflector and ballast. ( gonna get cool tube soon :)

Filter and 70w Fan, the fan is hidden and dont make any noise. good for me sience im sleeping in same room.

I have 2 15" fans turning 180 degrees. they are set to blow air different ways.

I also have two green lights as working lights, and a big green bulb on the wall

I know it's crazy, but I have my bed next to the plant. Its the only place im allowed to grow. and Its working fine. I have HPS off at night while i'm sleeping. The light is waiking me up when I have to go to work, and of course I have a extra 15 min to fix my plants. ;)

plz leave comments and I will upload more pictures and keep you updates until the harvest ;)

Peace :439:

P.S sorry for my english

This is one of the plant. The leaves are covered in resin, ( alitle hard to see) this picture was taken a day before I used PK 13/14. Waiting for results :)

This picture show the right side of the room

This picture shows the left side of the room
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Nug of the Month: Apr 2008
Here is my ventilation and reflector. (I'm soon going for cooltube). For ventilation I have a 70w fan with Carbon filter. the fan is in the wall and dont make any sound

This is a picture 4 days before I set the light

I hade the plants in a grow tent before moving to anothe room. The tent was 1 x 1 x 2m and got to small. The plant are double the hight now and more bushyer

any comments?
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Pics are not showing in thread. Go you the image in your gallery, (Large or small) right click, and copy the URL in the properties box. In your post, use the insert image Icon, when the URL box pops up, clear it out, then paste the URL into there.

Looks like an awesome grow man, big bucks in there :)


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DoopSther - this is a very nice looking grow operation. The plants look very healthy! Thank you for sharing...I'm sure you'll get plenty of positive input here.

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Great set up! Plants look great. How is the carbon filter working for you?


Nug of the Month: Apr 2008
Thx for all the comments. :439:

I will update with some more pictures to morrow, but this time with hps off.
After i used pk 13/14 I can see some more buds popping everywhere. Maybe doubled in 3 days :) The nugs are also getting bigger.

Today I watered the plant for the second time with pk 13/14, ( 3 more watering left now. I water the plants every othr day )

Hehe, at night I can feel the air in my room is superfresh, and i got the world's best smell surronding me while sleeping. Hehe. But no more late tv nights in my room.

The filter is working great, took me a while to figgure how to connect it. Its worth every penny.

Anyone have any grow/smoking experience with blueberry, master kush and

Peace. :cool027:

Uploaded the pictures now waiting for aprovement .......


Nug of the Month: Apr 2008
Here are the pictures

Here you can see that the buds have been getting bigger and you can see small buds appearing below the bigger ones. I watered PK 13/14 for the second time today and waiting to see what happens more.

This picture shows you the green lights. it's hard to see. I use them to see things in my room when I wake up at night, its my special reading lamp. hehe. This lamp wont interference with the flowering stage ;)

This is one of the Snow White's it's the tallest plant and it is 173 cm high. this picture was taken with HPS light off
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Nug of the Month: Apr 2008
This is a close up from PPP ( Pure Power Plant ) It looks just like snow white actually.

This is a lower part of another PPP, Before I started flowering I trimmed the plant for all fan leaves to see the effect. and I must say this has alot of potensial. It has buds EVERYWHERE. After A couple of days after I used the PK the buds had doubled, even more. I can see many small buds popping everywhere.

This is the same plant as above, just taken from a different angle. The top is even 30 CM above and loaded with buds
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Images are fixed.

Bro, I'm gonna have to ask you to read this thread
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Go through the whole thread and you will understand how to post images properly.
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Nug of the Month: Apr 2008
Hey Guys

I have uploaded some new pictures taken 28 days into flowering

4 more days with PK left

gonna show the top colas on allmost all of my 8 plants, seems like I forgot one. will fill in later anyways.








These Pictures are some of my lower buds. Looks verry nice :439:






Im gonne do some more pictures tomorrow on christmas without the HPS on aggain. These pictures where taken 22 dec 28 days after I ser the light.

Hopefully Ill be receving new seeds that I ordered on monday. Blueberry, Masker Kush and BrainStorm. Can't wait. All faminized and ready to set. and my 5x Arjans Ultra Haze #2 is already 1 month old now. Soon ready for flowering to. but waiting until im done with this project. I want them to yield me good ;) :rasta: , the arjans says to be arround 22 - 23 % THC and can yield 1 kg pr plant inside and 1.5 kg outside. 100 % sative. Its crossed with Super Silver Haze and Nevills Haze and another haze to make it Ultra Haze. It takes 13 weeks to flower . :adore: hehe

Anyone have any experience with any of the plants?

Thx for the comment DaMagoMan

Peace Guys :bong:
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that is hot!
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