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My grow setup...it's doing well but i'm iffy about it


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Alright so im troubled about my lighting setup. I'e got 2 46w cfl's. 1 being a 2700k and 1 being a 6500k, both running at the same time. I also added a 13w flourescent tube to the setup. Now i know cfl's arent the greastest but im gonna try it out. The strain im growing is called auto haze. Now im not too worried about yeilding a beast but i want my plant to be presentable ya know... anybody got a rough estimation on the yeild?

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Re: My grow setup...it's doing well but i'm iffy about it.

With that set up I'd say you'd get about a half o maybe more. But that's if everything goes really good. There's so many variables it really impossible to tell. Just a rough guess.

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Re: My grow setup...it's doing well but i'm iffy about it.

If I may... worrying about yield is secondary to the health of the plant.
I am of the mind that quality meds are number one, you keep'em healthy and the other will come!
I also believe along the lines of Soma, if you worry about harvest weight you cause undue stress in the grow... your positive energy into the plant w/make a more quality/heavier yield.


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Hey zahnno, i had a set up just like that to start, but i was growing other haze strains not autoflowers, and my results were ok. nothing amazing but not bad, they will take longer to grow than bigger set up or hps obviously but it can be done like that.
Arent they auto flowerr anyway? If i got that right they gonna be right anyway 2month from seed job, an yeh bout half o like Captain Chronic said, Amazin post Kronic anyway, like your style.


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nicely put captain. possitive vibrations. very nice.
im on week 10 AF short rider by nirvana. budding on 16/8. under hps/mh and im looking at around a little over a 1/2/o per. which is fine by me. alot of light and alot of lovin. good to harvest in july. this was my first auto grow. i wasnt sure what to expect. some plants are smaller. some 30 inches some 14 inches but they all have bud. because i also belive in possitive vibration. dont worry you'll be happy.


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Now it depends what type of CFL's you have. Are they 46 actual watts or does it say equivilant. 46 actual watts will be a pretty big looking CFL, you need to find this out first.

if its 46 watts equivilant it is pretty weak and your plant will not yield much, especially since you have an autostrain. I would try going to home depot as they sell actual 68 watt CFL's which are huge and work great for flowering with CFL's

oh and remember to keep those CFL lights as close as possible to the plant without burning it. The 6700k will run hotter so keep that in mind.
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