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Recently had an experience that bothered me; I would like to share it.

I grew some pot, and wanted to spread it around.

the guy that i go to unload a few buds gave me a bong hit of some marijuana that was way too strong-i guess for me. he told me that this is what people are smoking and to take my hippie pot back home and keep it for myself. now this guy had smoked my hippie pot and agreed it was nice.

so nice is not mind blowing. the pot he gave me a hit off of wrecked me. I had to leave. It felt a bit like tripping. paranoia anxiety kicked in and i was a flat on my back for the rest of the evening. freaking out. the weed was not laced, it was properly grown strain; perhaps i am not so tolerant.

but, i dont remember weed being this. strong-i could even enjoy the taste or the high. i was beyond high. and i woke up hung over, bits of paranoia,anxiety hanging about.

what bothered me was this: this kind of weed can trigger underlying psychological issues. depression, psychosis. That this is the marijuana that is being sought after and smoked.

smoking pot to me was about getting high, getting a little deep, taking it easy relaxing and contemplating a match stick. not hanging on to the chair for dear life.

now the weed i grow is good. it smells lovely and gives a good high. i know that this is an opinion but i finding it troubling that this reafer is norm.

I have had a few conversations with health experts ie my herbalist, homeopath and GP, and it is a concern for them-the pot that is now grown.

it upset me getting that fucked up from one hit. :17:


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This is the issue with the new generation. I have older landrace seeds and I grow old style weed that you can smoke a half joint of. You can easily control the high and not get too wasted. These kids now all want one hit nuclear destruction weed that trashes you completely out. 20% or higher THC levels, or extracts upward of 80%. There is a difference between getting high and getting completely wasted. I have some African landrace seeds, and one hit of that stuff and you are gone. Same with later generation Thai and lowland Colombian. I prefer to grow the Mexican sativas and I am crossing them with some medium grade Indica to get a nice mellow high.

But then, everyone at High Times wants to get completely ripped off of one hit... go figure. Hard to control the high with one hit weed.


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Sounds like a wicked strong sativa Eatmorefruit.

I was growing and using Cali Mist a few years back for depression and just used small hits in my little pipe and a bit to much and I'd get the same experience you describe. It would only last for 15 min or so then everything was great for a few hours. I made a cross with Northern Lights #5 and the right pheno of that was perfect. Took the edge right off and gave me the shit eating grin I was looking for. :)

Seems that the youngsters do like getting mega wasted but I seem to recall hot-knifing hash so that I'd fall over and pass out for a few min. lol

All these dabs, shatter, ear wax etc to me seems to be straying off the path but to each their own. Gotta experiment to really experience life.

Lots of lower level strains out there. I about gagged off some street pot a buddy bought a while ago. Harsh and talk about chem taste. Rolled up one of mine and the guys couldn't believe how smooth it was and soon everyone was laughing at dumb shit.

Just started reading DrZiggy's thread about growing some land race strains. That's the kind of kind I'd like to get back too so I may have to order some beans from where he gets his. Looking to get into growing some High CBD strains and see how they work with my arthritis so I can take it during the day and not be so messed up. Edibles work good for that but I'm still stoned when I wake up even tho I'm relatively pain free.

I'll take hippie pot over supercharged mind bending stuff any day but then I'm an old hippy! :19:



I agree and I think it is not good...I think its dangerous. but as OldMedUser states: "All these dabs, shatter, ear wax etc to me seems to be straying off the path but to each their own. Gotta experiment to really experience life."

I can appreciate strong pot, and I can appreciate wanting to get ripped. but this is too much, too messed up.

its like freshman year in college now-its all about getting really messed up. its not beers, go team and meet new people to help figure out who your are...- its a litre of vodka balancing on a window sill...

I have a few seeds from Africa that were UFO's so Ill give them ago this spring in the garden.


Hey OldMedUser I just wrote a wonderful reply to your wonderful post...and just deleted the feckin' thing...! damn it


I ate a ball of hash raw and woke up really high the following day, washing sliding glass door for hours... Back in the late 80's I always came across Thai Stick which was always good fun-laughing! most of the pot that i come across, that i haven't grown...not so much laughing.

I have a few people in my life whom I try to help with their pain-MS, Chronic Pain, Arthritis-with baking. Getting the ratio right is the hard part so that it is not so heavy on the stone side. I have come very close with using the leaves. I infuse the crushed up leaves with coconut oil or butter for about an hour, then it is either cookies or chocolate truffles. My MS friend said she had great relief from this. I have not grown any CBD specific pot but, the next round i am going to give it a try.

For depression I have had great success with Hash. but i cant find hash here. I would like that to be more accessible.

I guess i do not see the enjoyment of getting that wasted off of one hit. Maybe I have turned into a Hippy now :peace: ? Or one of my parents?!

anyway thanks for the reply. I will remain faithful to what I know.

If you are interested in infusing the leaves with oil or butter let me know i will send you a recipe. :thanks:
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