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My homies GF's Mom ROCKS!


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Ok... After knowing my friend for a long time. He has known this girl on and off, and she's really cool. So I wish them the best. After the 3 of us make a trip down to Southern California from ( Northern California / 700miles away ) - we stay at his girlfriends moms house.

She has this big ass pad in Del Mar. Nice Ocean view, 12ft deep pool, spa. - Let me just say that on that street is a Bentley. And just know she's a bomb ass mom.

I've been to their pad about 3times and the lady is very friendly, lovely. Wonderful person over all. Well we've gone to her house, sort of high sometimes.... and 1time aftwer we came back from Tijuana.. it was like 2am. We were wasted, I was high as hell off a blunt we smoked on our way back. ( We had a Designated Driver ) and when we got to the house her moms saw me and gave me the weirdest look.. like she knew. HAHA.

Ok the 3rd time we go. We are all chillin in the living. My buddy and his lady sitting together and her moms chillin next to me.. we are chillin drinkin tall cans of 211. Her mom is having wine. And check this out... we are watching TV and then there was silence...

and she goes " You know what guys, there are 2 things I love in life.. you know what that is? " and we go " Whats that? " she goes... ' Good Wine and Good Bud " and we go " what the fuck... did she just say BUD? " I mean she didn't say " POT/MARIJUANA " she said " BUD " like she knew wassup!

So we chilling there and my friend being so close of a relationship with her mom that he has he goes. " Good bud? What you be smokin???? " she goes " I got a nice nugs, wanna see? " and peep this... " she's nicely dressed, what you imagine a perfect CEO Female is... pulls out a Prescription type jar " hahaha... she was rollin with CaliMist +FAV on her part.

So check this out, we are sitting there like.. damn, your mom smokes weed..... Thats dope. We are only 21 yah know. Next thing you know we roll a blunt, and start passin it... we smoked a few blunts that night and a bowl or two.

It was so cool though, Hope you enjoyed! Im really high and this took me back!


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I wish I knew.

One day I was chillin in my backyard, and the lady next door ( late 50's ) saw me smokin and goes " oh whaaa, what you tokin on? " I was like " Snowcap " next thing you know, we blaze every once in a while.. its dope. Im hella young, she's older.. knowledge, wisdom get passed down.


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I wish I knew all of the people who smoked. People are normally surprised as hell when they find out I smoke because I was a goody goody Christian girl in high school. LOL.


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I wish i knew some other and older smokers. what we do is just laugh and act stupid. wish could have a conversation once in a while...

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I wish I could have a blunt with my mom.


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i would love to be able to burn with my kid and his friends someday.


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That's bomb, I know the feeling. I blaze with a friend's mom occasionally and she's always asking questions about "different ways to consume" and she got in on her first blunt last night haha.

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Marijuana bridges any generation gap there may be. However, as a 50 year old, I see no generation gap. It's not the age or generation that divides us; it is perception and fear.
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