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i have some hydro that is grow close to coco soils, would it have any problems. Also im using general hydroponics as nutrients how high can i really go with the ppm measure i have it at 114x10 in flowering stage, measurements from water before nutrients added 154ppm, ph at 6.5. Does constance temp changes in your room cause for ph to act up? I hear two side to this question, spraying nutrients to your buds when there budding? How good is 3D nutrients. Whats the best way to kill sider mites without hurting plants? 420 Magazine ®


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Very interesting, Andy. I'm using BC stuff Boost/Bloom w/ BC Awesome Blossoms at about 900-1000 ppm. Growth seems good, but I've been afraid to try more, erring on the safe side I guess. I would love to try a higher concentration to get bigger, faster ( sounds like an ad I saw...). What kind of concentrations are people using w/ chemical nutes? Anyone using BC that can give me some advice? Hope I'm not highjacking this thread.;)

Constant temp changes will cause problems , but I don't know if it would change your PH. It will change your PPM if it's hot and you're losing water to evaporation causing the concentration to go up.
I've foliar sprayed during veg stage, but most growers have told me not to foliar spray during budding, just misting once or twice a day w/ PH'd rainwater w/ a wetting agent. I make sure to mist with the lights on so they can dry off and bring the humidity back down. I wouldn't wet my flowering plants if they weren't able to dry pretty quickly. Like Andy said, you want to keep the humidity low during the later budding phases to discourage mold and the like. I'm sure there are growers out there who use foliar sprays successfully during budding , and I'm hoping we'll hear from them too.
Good luck bro.

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