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My leaves are becoming really strange


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- The strain is called Caboose from -------------
- It is Indica dominant hybrid 70/30
- 7 plants
- In flowering stage, day 15
- Indoor, 11l pots with Coco - Perlitte 65/35
- 2 LED lights, one is 400w and other 120w
- Is it Air Cooled? No.
- Temperature is around 28-29 at day and around 25 at night
- I'm keeping RH at 50%
- PH is regulated by "pH perfect Grow-Micro-Bloom" base nutrient with PH perfect technology.
- I haven't found any pests yet.
- I'm watering every 3rd day.
- I'm using pH perfect line of Advanced nutrients and I'm currently feeding them with full power (as written on label) + I'm adding: Vodoo Juice, Tarantula, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Overdrive, Rhino skin
- Around 5 square meters is size of my room, but i'm using only around 1,5 square meters.

I haven't had any problems in veg. phase and in early flo. phase.
But now I'm seeing some strane leaves, forming some strange white spots and others just tiny dots and so on. I'm not sure what it could be, because the very same plant has most of her leaves pretty normal and then there are few of them completly strange. I'm posting pictures below and I hope someone will be able to help me solve this problem before it goes really bad. Thanks! :)








And this is how my grow room looks like:



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Always check your pH, never let a product tell you that they got it, always check it, pH is very important!! Think of it this way, Nutrients are the lock & pH is the key that makes the nutrient elements available for the roots to absorb, 5.8pH in coco/DWC will unlock the elements to the plants. pH Perfect also states that it's pH perfect formula will keep pH at correct level in RO water, not tap water.

The first picture really shows over fert, back off from full strength, to about 1/2 or 8ml/gallon and see how they do.

I'm teaching a buddy DWC using AN pH Perfect GMB (Grow, Micro, Bloom) with LED lights, I/we have never used more than 8ml/gallon or half of bottle directions. Bottle directions are maximum strength in perfect growing conditions, and they also want you to use more product so they can sell you more, I always start out with 1/4 strength (clone/seedling) and work my way up to find the ppm the plant likes, all strains are different, some can take more than others...also, you can grow some sweet dank with a lower ppm, you don't have to push the plant at all to get excellent buds, we run about 600-800 ppm in flower with AN GMB & LED.

Coco should be watered everyday, sometimes two or three times a day in smaller feedings, you do not want your coco to dry out since coco is a form of hydro, if the coco dries out all sorts of problems will occur. Also, in coco & LED lighting you will need to supplement Cal-Mag, coco binds up cal-mag, potassium in the pith, and slowly releases it...LED makes the plant use more cal-mag for some reason, probably something to do with light intensity.

Here is a good video on watering coco:

Here is a good thread with all kinds of good video's in it:
How I grow in coco Youtube videos and pics


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Oh I thought their pH perfect formula trully works, agh. I have talked with AN support and they said I SHOULD NOT use any pH up/pH down aditives to configure my pH because they claim it will only mess up the system.. ugh? :S what to do now?

I'll give her less nutrient, currently I was giving around 3,8ml/L, and now I'm going to 2,5ml/L ok?

Btw if I converted right, 1 gallon is 3,785L and you're saying that you have never used more than 16ml/gallon which is actually more than 4ml/L, which is not half of bottle directions (which would be 2ml/L), but actually even more than labelled.

Damn, I've been watering coco in a completly wrong way :/
I always waited untill coco dried out.. oh my.
Thanks alot with all the info mate. Appreciate any help.

Btw, what do you think about my plants in general (the last picture)? I think they might grown to close together and then I'll have problems when buds will start to grow huge. I pruned a few branches around the top cola, because I've run out of space.
Thanks again


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Are you using RO(reverse osmosis) or tap water?

I have used up/down with no problem with my buddy in tap water, RO might be different, the bottle states RO water, not tap...so if you're growing in tap, I have never encountered any problem with up/down with the pH Perfect product and maintaining 5.7 - 5.8.

10ml/gallon sounds fine, but like I said we didn't have to go over 8-10ml/gallon with LED, I've finished two grows with LED now, I can tell you that you will use much less nutrient than with HPS, probably has a lot to do with transpiration.

You're correct with the measurement that one gallon is 3.78 liters, but I use a gallon milk jug and 8ml/gallon is half in the way I water.

They look good, keep tying down to the scrog net and lightly defoliate to give more light...stop defoliating 10-14 days before flower so they can really set those flower nodes.


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I'm actually using water right out of my pipe, is this bad? I have watered a few times with tap water (I call it tap after 2 days in a container) and I haven't noticed any difference.

Alright, then I'll get myself EC and PH meter and will check it everytime.

Nice, then ill go with 10ml/gallon. What about additives (bud candy, big bud, rhino skin..)? It says 8ml/gallon, can I reduce that also?

Thanks, I'm in 3rd week flowering now, I hope that I haven't srewed something up with defoliating them like 5days before switching to flowering. And I also did 2 times light-medium defoliation in this 2 and a half weeks in flowering. I hope everything will be well.


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Tap is fine, as long as it's not crazy ppm like 400ppm out of the tap, you can still use it but will be crazy to control pH - ppm.

Cut the extra supplements in half as well, they'll grow just fine.

Around day 21-24 of flower, after they are done stretching (8 week strain) you can do a mild defoliation all around. Day 45-47 of flower you can do a heavier defoliation on the top 1/3 of plant...I saw you liked my defoliation description in another post, so you kinda know all the other stuff I would mention.


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Ok I'll check it and we'll see.


Yeah your post about defoliation was like sent straight from heaven :) appreciate it!
What will happen if defoliating during stretching or between 24 and 45 day of flowering? Because like I said, I have defoliated at around day 10 flowering :/


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Defoliation can slow the stretch some, between day 24 - 45 let them use their energy to form and stack buds, defoliating in that time will slow down bud production. Day 47 after defol they will bulk up by putting energy into flowers and not leaves/lateral growth like earlier defol.

You'll be fine, going forward if you decide that defoliating is for you (big debate, some growers do, and some don't) use this timing. I know people who lollipop at day 10 flower, so you will be fine.


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Ok so I'll defoliate now before day 24 and then I'll let them build up buds. And after day 45 I'll do another defoliation.

I think it's a must in my case. If I wouldn't defoliate, I have no idea, how would my plants even be able to grow lol. It is so tight, because branches are so close together and internode lenght is only about 5cm so really bushy ones. Without defoliation I'd had like 10 huge fan leaves covering everything else beneath.

Thanks for all your help man! :)
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