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My Mars Hydro plus my grow computer has brought me to questions


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I use a grow computer, and have six of them. One for my indoor home, and three at friends house which I "remotely control" their grow operation using the grow computer I installed, and I have two more grow computers feeding five acres of vegitables, and none cannabis related crops.

For my indoor grow I have a powering on 3 Mars 300W LED grow lights. I was thinking about upgrading to a Mars 2 series, or a California lighting.. the grow computer can handle up to 8amps per leg. Does anyone know any suggested LED's that are rated under 8amps and will give the maximum light spread even if its buying more than one light. I am also going to try and video log a deep freezer conversion project. I ordered another computer, and I'm going to install the computer into the deep freezer making the computer power the deep freezer on and off, but right now the shank in my plan, is I am unsure of the best lighting. It's an 20 cubic foot deep freezer. It's about 4ft tall it's quite a big freezer I've had it on the farm a while now. I could mount the lights to the lid, or buy multiple lights and mount on sides and one on the lid (which will open and close). The computer has a temp sensor in it.. so I can program it to turn the freezer on or off depending on the temperature. This is kinda my idea to modify a grow environment while hiding the obvious from visitors to the farm. I'm considering building a similar system for inside as well, but I don't know much on lights, and I need a light that will not out-warm the deep freezers cooling system. The idea is a perfect enclosed habitat.. the computer has a "fans power leg" .. so I will be wiring some PC fans to draw in new C02. Which brings me to my next question... if I keep cannabis plants entirely enclosed in this deep freezer which is air-tight.. would putting a CO2 system to leak CO2 slowly be better than flowing new air into the deep freezer using mini-fans ???

I'm not sure if the plants would suffocate, I could order C02 tanks down the road too, but automating it is what I cannot wrap my mind around. So I thought of just inducting air using fans to blow fresh CO2 in. Opinions anyone ?


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You can buy a regulator to set the rate of flow on CO2 tanks. The initial set up cost is high but tanks can last up to a month. Best to use in a closed system or a lung room system else most of the CO2 is wasted.

Also buy a cheap CO2 monitor as Co2 is dangerous past 1500ppm. Plants can handle hotter temperatures when Co2 is in abundance.

Good luck mate !

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