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My Maryjane high

King Bongmaster

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Oh Mary Maryjane
I love your sweet splendor
you've been around forever
you're a never ever ender
I'm a big blunt burner
a packer of the bowls
a puffer of the Cannabis
a toker with goals
a blazer of the titans
a roller of the philly
never ever fightin'
steady actin' silly
as my hazy lazy gaze
falls upon her five fat fingers
I float away in a cloud
and the feeling just lingers
my vision is vivid
as my grin spreads ear to ear
as tranquility pierces darkness
like a sharp flaming spear
puff after puff
of that white widow kind
and I find myself drifting
in the middle of my mind
thinkin' thoughts of wonder
as the world drifts by
I'm so very very happy
with my Maryjane High​


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Wow! I, personally, could never write anything like that, though I really DID appreciate it! I've been smoking weed fairly regularly for a great many years, and I absolutely LOVE it! (Don't see why anyone wouldn't). My personal preference is hash (from a bong, of course). I just love to fill my lungs with that delicious smoke, and then have some sex with my GF. (She smokes, too.)
Anyway, I love visiting here with others who share my passion for getting ripped.

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