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My Most Significant Hit Ever


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Christening a new vape.
In the bowl--a base of the finest NorCal mean green, then a layer of high potency kif, topped off with a drop of honey oil.
And even tho I didn't need it, after my friend took a hit I took another.
I don't remember the rest of the evening but the next morning I woke up in the woods, dressed in a moose suit.


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^wow, that must have been some crazy shit.

Had you seen the moose suit before, like... was it yours or did it just appear?


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i think the craziest single hit ive ever taken was out of this 2 foot bong that we packed with some of the dankest buds i have ever seen then threw a fair amount of keif on top

i was milking the fuck out of it, and when it came time to inhale my friend did this thing where he blows in on the downstem and all the smoke rushes into your lungs
after the damage was done (excessive coughing and cursing) we looked down and all of the keif was gone and most of the bowl, we estimated that i had nearly .5-6ish of smoke + keif

total and complete couchlock until i fell asleep in the exact same place i had been sitting


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First vape hit I ever took would be mine as well.


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I really wish I could buy a good vape..

being poor ftl.

lol I need to save up some money! :laugh2:


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Be careful RD...might be hunting season!! lol great story

Happy Kitty

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:19: :19: :19:

I can't wait to hear how you ended up in a moose suit, RD!

I've been smoking for many years, but the most significant hit I have taken was at a local club here.

The line was long, "samples" were being passed, when someone comes from behind the curtain with a gigantic glass pipe filled with 22 grams of TripleTrouble hash (@75 a gm). I know it was 22 grams because I asked the guy before I took the hit. It was hash heaven.

I hit that puppy and could not exhale. I finally exhaled, coughed my head off and got a huge rush. I took one hit and found myself with a bad case of inappropriate laughter, since everyone behind me was choking too. I think everyone in that line "coughed" up 75 bucks for a gram of that. I know I did.:60:

I really don't like to smoke "samples" anymore. I've never smoked with 38 strangers before, and I don't really want to again. But it was fun, and everyone left smiling.:3:

You know what they say...cough, you're off.

Peace and happiness
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