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My new auto strain


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So, a while ago I bred one of my female Pineapple Express Auto by Fast Buds with a female Bloody Skunk auto by sweet seeds. I used silver to turn a branch on the Pineapple an that pollen got used on a Bloody skunk.
So far every seed I have grown to flower from that mix has been the largest autoflowers I have ever had. Here is a pic of 1 of them at 3.5 weeks into flowering. Just huge! Bigger than most of my 6-7 week veged photos. Plant in topic is rear left in the pic.

I'm just so shocked that this has been the consistent result from that cross. All of my Fast buds PE auto plants have been relatively small and normally yield 3-4 oz at the very most. My Bloody skunk plants while always slightly higher yielding plants never got this big. Just crazy to me that all of these seeds I made seem to be MONSTERS compared to the parents. So far 100% auto gene is intact as well.

Here she is.

I just feel really lucky that these turned out so well. She is in a 5 gallon equivalent air pot and sort of root bound!


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