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My new Bong


Plant of the Year: 2010 - Plant of the Month: July & Aug 2010
I don't buy a lot of glass. After a devestating loss a few years ago where 15 of my pieces were destroyed, I got burnt out on glass. One bong survived the disaster and so I just used it for a long time. I have started to slowly rebuild my collection once again. Got a few pieces over the years, but no new bongs. I had a custom, one of a kind bong I had built for me years ago that I have been trying to find a replacement for to no avail. I finally accepted I would never find one, so I went out window shopping the other day and found this.

Nothing special, just really heavy duty glass with an ice catcher. Also bought some forumula 420 to clean the old veteran. So there you have it, my new bong.:51:




Plant of the Year: 2010 - Plant of the Month: July & Aug 2010
Decided my new regiment will be to clean all pieces weekly, like I used to.

Here is the bong collection all cleaned up. Left to Right: The Veteran, the BIO Glass on Glass G-Bong, and my new ice catcher Bong.


I used to have some really cool bongs. Slowly working back towards that again.



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BIG DOG, you are the only person i have seen from ATL like me haha.

Keep one rolled bro. haha
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