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My New Grow Setup


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The equipment I ordered finally arrived. I have been putting together my grow setup for the past few days. A 5'x5' grow tent a 6" filter and fan 2 Mars Epistar 160 LED lights. It is a deep water system. The plastic tubs are 102 liters or 25 gallons, each one has five 5" mesh pots and two air stones. I will be using GH Grow, Bloom and Micro for nutrients.
I am hoping 10 plants are not too many for 25 square feet.

My wife had back surgery a few years back and suffers with chronic pain.
High CBD cannabis really helps with pain management.

I am new to growing and have spent a fair amount of time reading and learning however any advice would be greatly appreciated.


The mother plant grown in an Aero garden from Crop King CB Dream seeds.

Almost ready To Start

Clones on day 6
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