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My new STEALTH Dresser


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Hi all :grin: Just joined after browsing for a couple weeks learning others techniques and setup and fine tuning mine
Well after a recent trip to Amsterdam, And Got to flavor MANY strains :Yum . Decided to start another grow with some quality seeds. I have 4 grows prior but keep learning all the way.Well after i had purchased my beans off the i-net recieved 10 DNA Pure AFGANS, 11 Flying Dutchman Pot Of Golds and 4 feminized freebies. Now onto the necessities ...

1 Lumatek 250 digital ballest
Super Sun 2 Air cooled hood(glass)
1ea 250 Mh and Hps Bulbs
Complete fox Farm Nutes and Soils
Grow big/big bloom/tiger bloom and Tri pak Solubles(love FF nutes trying the solubles for first time)
1 bag Light warrior and Ocean Forest ea
4oz Superthrive( GREAT STUFF)
CNS17 Bud swell(new)
rockwool cubes
Ecoplus digital them/hygro meter
1Hanna Ph meter
1Milwaukee tds meter
1vortex 4" Inline Fan 160cfm
4x sunon 4" 115v inline fans 100cfm
1 outdoor digital Timer
1 homemade DIY CARBON Filter(works great)
And Home Made STEALTH Dresser!!!

The Dressers interior dimensions are 48"Tx19"Dx36"W. Made of 3/4" oak ply and Solid oak drawers and 1"solid top and 2x4 pine framing. I know plywood doesn't have a great resonance frequency but had all the wood in my garage except the 2x4. So might need to add some sound insulation maybe duct board for a/c or car audio deadner. Just have to get a coat of polyurethane and some legs on and then get it inside for the electrical and wiring. sealed with a think "M" style rubber gasket similar to fridge weather stripping so far a solid seal.Painted with a flat white latex (thinking mylar if the funds allow)Also found these amazing INVISIBLE MAGNETIC LOCKS called tot loks use a magnet and hold TIGHT. Here are some Pics let me know what you think and any suggestions thanks.Will add more pics of carbon filter and progress!!!!All items purchased through a sponsor from this site SUNCOAST rules.

hmm normal dresser

another view

not a dresser

needed supplys




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HAha nice dresser bro.Cant wait to see it all set up, im curious as to how its all gonna look.


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Well finished the urethane and feet today. starting the wiring tomorrow with gfi's and rotary fan dimmers so i can keep it as quiet as possible.anyone have any other ideas for a sound/heat insulation mostly sound...

Haze: As far as light leakage goes threw a 500w halogen double worklight in and got just a smidgen in upper left corner. adjusted the locks and it's close enough for the second weather strip. i will post pics after the lights and wiring.

Finish exterior Notice the magnetic lock on right

Lock on left as well(cant get over how well these worked Tot-lok)

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This is gonna be good...:21:

Welcome to the 420 community.

Peace and good growing :rollit:


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Wow, I've made a set-up like this before. It works great! Good work! Can't wait for updates...


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Well Got quite a bit done today.... Moved it in and got most of everything installed. ventilation is on tomorrows agenda. All went well except the hood is HUGE!!!! website claimed 20x13x8" hood is 26.25x14x10" oh well just have to adjust and compensate. just have to cut fan holes make light traps and wire up the dimmer knob. With the hood being so big might have to make a smaller carbon filter or vent into attic either way on we go... As for light leaks 110% sealed no light what so ever(see below)

Bottom of dresser 6 way and ballest

Hood installed only have 5ish" on ea side with 6" vent holes

Basic wiring done (except fans)

Dresser OPEN and ON (no flash)

Dresser CLOSED and ON (no flash)

DYI Carbon filter 4" inlet 6" OD with 1" packed carbon around!!!

DYI Carbon filter super easy 42$
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