My new Worked Inline


So my bubler came today. This is my first inline. I am used to smoking from bigger pipes. I wanted to try a smaller one. The first thing I thought was it is sexy as hell. Then I thought I might not get as thick of hits as I would with a bigger tube. I always hate getting splashback with my tubes. I thought I might have that trouble with this one so I tested it. There is No splash back and no drag. The bowl is huge but it doesnt need a screen because the slide has a glass web built in. The quality is top notch.

I am going to clean some of my other glass and take some more pics later.




The pipe has a headford glass label which is a collab between Luke and Ben Wilson.

I just smoked again before posting this and I LOVE these new type of slides. Those glass jacks always clogged so easy and putting metal in a pipe takes away from the flavor.

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Beautiful piece . . . enjoy
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