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My newest addition!

Tank Deezel

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After searching for awhile and price scalping...I've managed to assemble something I am quite proud of.

18 inches tall
5mm thick
ice pinches
diffused downstem
4 chamber perc/ash catcher with diffusers on the ends of those individual tubes

Pulls extremely smooth with limited drag, really creates a quality smoke with plenty of flavor.

Grand total of everything pictured: $230 tax included

I'd like to think I made out well?:roorrip:
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Very cool man. Love the beaker and godamn i love the shape of the illadelph ash catchers. They look TALL though, bummer about the broken diffuser arm. What a steal on the price.

Tank Deezel

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I was waiting for someone to pick out that fatal flaw....Yes, the single broken diffuser arm...so it's truly only a 3 arm diffuser. ;[

However, that thing retails for 290...Whoever would happily pay that price for a component to a larger piece is beyond me, but I was happy to take it lightly used for 50 dollars.

I was originally going to order a replacement part fro Illadelph directly...But after putting some smoke through it, it's downfall is purely cosmetic and nothing more. There is still plenty of airflow in chamber and things don't seem to drag at all.

In general, I'm pleased with my purchase...but I do wish they would have made the downstem a little longer so I don't have to fill my beaker with as much water...Not that it makes a difference either, but aesthetically it looks kind of awkward.

Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback, it brings comfort to my wallet to know it was money well spent.

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I just got my first Illy last tuesday from the Illadelph glass gallery in west Hollywood, their shop is sooo sick, and i ended up walking away with a beaker bottom similar to yours. I wanted a 9mm, but they didn't have any
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