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My OG Kush Grow Room


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Hello My 420 Friends:

Well, I've embarked on my 5th official grow - Medicann OG Kush. Unlike past grows I finally have a dedicated grow room! My girl and I live in a two level condo which has huge cathedral ceilings and a big loft with fireplace. After much negotiation she agreed to allow me to convert the storage area into a grow room. I'm attaching some pix to see how I've set it up. I can tell already how much better this arrangement is for my girls as compared to bedrooms, closets and bathrooms lol It's still a work in progress (maybe 80% complete).




here's the main stuff:

440 CFM inline fan
167 CFM active exhaust
42 CFM active intake
reflectix insulation (reflects 94% of radiant energy)

The loft is air conditioned but wasn't cutting it for the storage room so I tapped into the main trunk line with four (4) inch flex duct - now I have great temperature control. I also tapped into an existing outlet in the loft to supply enough electricity to run a 400W MH/HPS the fan and fan controller. I ran some power strips to other outlets and used cable switch covers to fool would be snoops - and upgraded to a 20 amp circuit. I should be good to go now. I have a 600W MH/HPS but have been quibbling over whether to use it for two plants. Oh, I should point out the heat is exhausted into the utility room where the furnace, water heater is located.
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