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My Own Soil Mix

Juicy D

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So ive been readin myself crazy for the past few months looking for the best soil mix i can make to feed my plants through their entire lives and just have to use water. I may use a lil nuts here and there while in bloom but im not for sure..
heres what i got so far: i picked up some good quality organic soil. bone meal. blood meal.lime. I have my own compost ready to and plan on throwin in some of that as well. i would like to purchase to worm and bat poop too but it is really scarce around my parts. I was thinkin that i could just buy some containers of fishin worms and use the casting out of that. would that work? the one thing i also cant figure out is the right amounts of each i should put in the mix. ive been studyin the super soil recipe but its too large for me and half of the recipe i cant purchase in my area. my plan is 6-10 plants in 10 gal pots. can anyone help me out here.

Droopy Dog

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You need to find some kelp meal. Blood and bone are fine, but supply no K to speak of and K is essential in flowering. Greensand would also help with the K, but is ver slow to break down.

Fishing worms come packed in peat, not castings, sorry. Get the addy off the fishing worms, the same place probably sells castings.

Google LC's soiless mix (Lavender Cowboy), his recipe can be made in any amount.



Droopy Dog

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Keep looking. If anyone locally carries the Espoma line, they have kelp meal.

Or some other sort of seaweed. Dried if you can.

I substitute several things to avoid paying shipping on those heavy ingredients. I don't use any bat quano, since it isn't available locally.

Pretty much the only thing I do ship is AZOMITE. I feel that's worth it.

But, in any event, a 5# bag of kelp meal is easily enough to make 75 gallons of mix.

Check out feed stores, they have an amazing amount of things. If you can find alfalfa meal, AKA rabbit food, that is one of the best things you can get. Amazing stuff.


Juicy D

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thanks for the advice man! i really appreciate it! there is a couple places around here sellin feed. ill check em out tommoro. and would alfalfa meal be a good substitute for the castings?

Droopy Dog

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Alfalfa meal is not really a substitute for castings.

I've remarked before that I believe I could do a good complete grow using nothing but alfalfa meal, kelp meal and castings for nutes.


Hash Hound

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Toss in some OC+ or Dynamite red and I don't think you'll be sorry


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Humboldt local's hot soil mix

Not everyone needs to fill a 300 gallon planter with an all organic soil mix...but if you do this recipe arrives with a serious pedigree :cool027:

6 bales Sunshine Natural and organic #4

6 cubic feet Nutri Rich high-calcium chicken poop

4 cubic feet super soil Earthworm Castings

4 cubic feet Pahroc Perlite #4

20 lbs steamed bone meal

15 lbs kelp

15 lbs oyster shell

15 lbs dolomite lime

15 lbs gypsum

Mix all the ingredients together, water the mix once thoroughly, and then let it sit four to six weeks, until the internal temperature cools to 80 degrees.

This is "Humboldt Locals" hot soil mix. He grows monster 10 + pound plants all outdoor with this soil mix. There was an article about the guy and his grow methods in this months High Times. I am going to be emulating this soil mix this year for my outdoor grow. Hopefully this year is long, hot, and dry. Last years outdoor season was horrible.


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Its not quite as detailed but,
1 part GOOD/EXCELLENT compost, (I make my own)
2 parts plain peat moss, lots of OC+ ,lots of Dol.lime.
I'll figure out the volume of my containers, add 50% more OC+, and 50%-100% more lime than reccommended. Depends on where I put them.
Always had trouble with perlite or vermic. Animals always dug them up.
Always spread local veg around the base to cover the disturbed area.
Drink 3 litres of water before and when I get there I pee all around. lol. NOT ON THEM. Find a big tree and get it good and pissy. lol
There we go, my secret recipe for the world!!!!!
(it's prob. on here already lololol)

Juicy D

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i got some bangin compost thats been sittin since last year..i got some bags of composted manure and humus..mulch..and peat moss. im also gunna throw in some 10-10-10 fert. also why dont u just fill up a jug of piss at ur house lol. but let me know what you think. im unsure on the ratios..
peace and love


On Vacation
I usually fill a camel-back before hand with good strong morning piss, the 3L is just to reload.lol ( just remember....KEEP IT WARM!!!)lololol
The 3 times I've grown with oc+, once with classic, Ive never had overfert probs. Every year I add more,every year the plants get bigger.
The way I understand it the lime acts as a buffer against rapid p.h change. I grow in very acidic soil, and with the peatmoss, I put alot of lime in the mix.
I move all my medium in garbage bags maybe 6L in each one. Put all the little bags in a big army bag and start walking. When I get there, I just mix whatever is in each particular garbage bag. 2 to 1
I don't really measure. But I use at least 2 lbs of lime , and close to maybe 3 cups of OC, in a 7-8 gallon hole. I know I use more than they recommend on the bag.
Unless it's Time Release you have to keep adding ferts. Even the TR's need water regular to work properly.


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I was short on soil and needed quite a bit so I bought some Sunshine #4 for a batch of plants in 5 gallon buckets. However, I still needed more so I went and bought some ROOTS ORGANICS formula 707. I amended the soil with Mexican Bat Guano and crushed sea shells along with about 15 pounds of kelp and some bone meal. Watered and let it sit for a week. I will be planting 3 Cali Connection Blackwater in some 5 gallon pots and some Tahoe OG in the rest. Wish me luck.
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