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My Perpetual Magical Garden: Huge Does Multi Strain Fun Runs


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I'm back at it again....I'm getting ready to run a bunch of different strains from a bunch of different banks. Here's a list of some of the strains already ordered. As I start the set-up , I'll start adding the information. With that being said my list is as follows.

Durban Poison
Girl Scout Cookies
Early Skunk F4
Ghost Train Haze
Blue Cookies
Blue Dream
Pineapple Chunk
Zombie Death Fuck
Bubba Kush

These all came from different sponsors on our forum besides one strain ( Zombie ). My plan is to drop new seeds every 6 weeks. Tomorrow morning I'll provide details on each strain and my set up. Im excited about this one. It's time to show you all what you all taught me.


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Smokes a’ Rollin Pecker... looking forward to this one.


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Looking good, big guy. Like the list!
Thanks. I figured it'll be easier to just make one journal with continuous strains. I'm even going down the breeding line at some point. Everyone here taught me so much from when I first joined. Just glad I can put it to use.


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Alright...now that I got some seeds to start, let me provide some details on the grow. I'm running a perpetual madness grow of continuous different strains. In this grow I'll be using different training techniques associated with the particular strain that I am growing. So with things getting ready to start rolling let me provide details of the grow.

Seedling Box- I built a small box out of plywood and 2x4's. Measures 3*3*4.5. On the top of the box I drilled a hook to allow easiest access to hanging the light. I cut a round hole in on the lower left side to allow airflow from 4 in. intake fan. On the opposite top side a cut a small 2.5 inch hole to allow venting of used air. The inside is lined with Mylar sheeting. The box is very beneficial for clones and seedlings. I've lite the box with a Morsen 1000w LED unit. The draw hasn't been measured at the wall but I believe the specs on the website was 205w. Light schedule 20-4.

Vegetative Tent- Now that we are getting bigger things will start to get moving in the 3x3x6 tent. I have a 4inch vivosun intake fan to pull in fresh air. I positioned the fan and ventilation tubing on the outside pushing air in. This allows me extra room on the inside. I also have 2 small oscillating fans clipped inside to push the air around. All openings have been closed besides the top to allow air to escape. Lights being used are a Mars Hydro 300w LED and Viparspectra 450w LED unit. Light schedule 18-6.

Flowering Closet- Here's where the magic starts to happen. In my bedroom. Oh wait????...... I've turned my bedroom closet into my flowering chambers. Measurements roughly are 3*6*7. I've lined it completely with Mylar sheeting. I cut a hole into my wall and inserted a box fan to allow maximum airflow. Inside I also have an oscillating fan. On the opposite side of the box fan I have another box fan pointed away from the plants. This allows the fresh air being pulled in to be able to be pulled to the other side of the closet more easily. I want maximum airflow in this area. Lighting used Mars Hydro TSL 2000 and their TS 1000. Light schedule 12/12 first few weeks of flowering then dropped down to 10-14 in the final 2 weeks of flowering.

The medium I plan on using is what I know the most an that is Fox Farm products. Soil used is Fox Farm Ocean Forest followed by their trio of nutrients. Tiger Bloom, Grow Big and Big Bloom. I've attached the schedule below as to what I'll be following. I plan on following this perfectly unless I visibly see a plant needing more or less of something.


Germination method will be dropping the seeds into room temperature water for 12-24 hours followed by paper towel and sandwich bag method. I then move them to their Solo cups and on to the seedlings box for about 2 weeks at most.

When it's time to transplant, they'll be moved into 3 gallon fabric pots and moved into veg tent. While in this stage, all training methods will be applied prior to moving into flower. They'll stay here for the next 4-6 weeks. This is where my clones will be taken.

When it's time to flip, usually at 6-8 weeks of age from germination, they move into their final resting places. In this stage, I'll provide on average 2 defoliation. Once after their stretch and a final in the last leg of flowering. Only thing being removed would be middle to up as long as it's directly blocking a bud site. May also need to the colas at this point. ( Hopefully anyways )


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First up....dropped at 7:30 pm November 7th.

2-Early Skunk F4
1-Girl Scout Cookies
1-Blue Dream
1- Blue Cookies

* 1-Durban Poison ( this strain receives a star as it's a landrace stavia that's known to grow very tall. When time comes she may be flowered alone in her own separate space


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