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My plant is budding but looks to be lacking something...help?

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...this is my first grow. i stumbled upon a couple of seeds a while back and one of them turned out to be a female so here is what i have. the plant has been growing fine and started to bud a few weeks ago. the leaves are now thinning out, discoloring and behaving funny, and the growth seems to have slowed. any ideas/suggestions on what i need to do to fix her? thanks! pics below.


Obi Wan

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The most common problem is over watering.
The second most common problem is under watering.

I think you MAY have a couple of things going on here:
1) Over fertilizing - nute lock. Solution; flush with clear water two days then do a half dose of fertilizer for a week.
2) Over watering. Solution; always (as in always) let the soil (medium) dry out before watering. These girls like to be moist - but if you keep them WET all the time = problems. I water and feed mine every three days, but it depends on the type of medium you have, and the size and type of your pots. Your results may vary - learn YOUR girls. They are all different - each is an individual with different appetites and needs.
3) Micro deficiencies. Solution; CalMag half of recommended dosage every two weeks. (Real easy to overdue CalMag, be careful)

DO NOT do all three of these at the same time. If you have been keeping the soil wet, then do #2 and start #3 next week.
If you have been letting them dry out once in a while, then do #1, and a week later do #3.
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Ah, sorry guys. I thought I had included the pot in the pic but I clearly didn't. Anyways, it's an outdoor plant by the beach so it hasn't been subject to extreme temps. The pot is a 2-gal pot and i planned on re-potting but it began to flower sooner than i expected and I am assuming that moving to a bigger pot at this point might not be a good idea. Thoughts?

I don't know what strain it is. As I said, I just stumbled on the seeds. The soil is standard potting soil mixed with perlite. I garden regularly so it's good dirt and there are no drainage problems. It hasn't been overwatered. Yeah, at times maybe my wife watered it when she shouldn't have, but for the most part it only gets water when she's dry. There is no evidence of any pests. From my day of research yesterday I'm thinking it's phosphorous deficiency, but it could also be strain from a small pot. I hope I've covered everything...and thank you all for taking the time to read/reply.

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Being so close to the beach it could be a salt problem !

As their will be a higher amount of salt in the air/moisture/rain with an on shore wind flicking up spray from the sea...
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Thanks for the follow-up! The rest of our garden does perfectly fine other than the lack of heat needed to produce fruit-bearing plants. I'll check on PH and get back to you!
Agree with the PH suggestion. One of the BEST equipment investments I ever made was a Ph pen (under $100), and if taken care of, will last for years. Ph your water and nute mixture to 6.1 or so. One of those stick in the dirt Ph measurers are cheap, about $10 and will tell you the Ph of the soil or medium.
I still think a weeks regime of Cal/Mag will take care of it though. The red stems are a dead giveaway to a micro deficiency. BUT, keep in mind that a deficiency can be caused by nute lock too. See my first post ...