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My Plant Is Growing - Branching Weird


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I found a Krypy seed and decided to grow it. Ive only grown "mids" before and have never had this problem. I'm having new growth come off of stems of fan leaves and everything. I'm thinking maybe its a male? It had several sets 3 bladed leafs before it gave me a 5 which is another reason for that guess. If it is male can't I cross breed it with the mids by simple taking the pollen sacks from the kryp in a celaphane from a ciggarette pack and putting it around the bud of a mids plant? Please Help! Thank You


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My more mature plants grow branches out of nodes that have fan leaves, and I grow OG Kush (Sativa). The clones seem to want to do this more than their seeded mothers. This growth pattern does not indicate a male, as all my lady clones have done this.
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