My sativa, I love her.


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I really do though.

Here are a few pictures of her. I planted August 17th. Switched to 12hour days December 11th. It is the slowest progressing plant in the world lol She'll get there though. Camera sucks so nothing up close.

Please ignore the other stuff here in the first picture... It's a snap from in my room.





I first started off with more plants... This one didn't get as much light as the others so it was alot smaller when I turned the rest of them to flowering. Long story short I ended up killing the other plants and one turned male, I decided to put this back into veg for a while then I put it into flowering december.. So it wasn't really in veg for 4 months...well it was but it only had good light for 2 months. And why not grow her big I have 7 feet :)
She's so tall and looking great!

What's your light set up and how's the odor control? You just growing her out in the open in your room or is that a closet?
closet....375W, I wish I had a bigger light so I wouldn't have lost so much at the bottom of the plant... I dont have anything for odor control... just the fan in my bathroom (master bedroom). I usually keep my door shut & locked with a towel at the bottom so no air escapes out. Theres also an air leak in my closet which is why its FREEZING in there lol
woooow... shes pretty
can we get a full view of the height?
How is it coming along? I hope its budding more. Hopefully you won't have much longer. By the way Custom, my buddy's band is playing at Kraftbraw tomorrow, Wednesday. You should go, I saw them the first time at a party and it was fun as shit. I'll drop you a line on AIM in case you don't look at this.
that looks delicious...keep up the good work..
Just thought I would slap some pictures while I did a flush today...which by the way is hard as hell with a retarted top heavy plant like this! :peace:

Hey...its was valentines day I had to get a pic of us together!!

New growth at the top for whatever reason..?!?!?

standing on the toliet



smells like chronic!

again why the hell is it veging at the top? Must have exposed to much light during the dark period or something...
Damn.. I use FTD All purpose plant food 15/30/15...I go really easy on it though.

I'm pretty sure no light really gets into the room at night, I have a towel on the floor up to the door so no air/light seeps. I prolly go in the closet twice each night during the dark period..but its usually really quick...10 seconds of light max each time (coming from in my room..not in the closet). Can I cut the top of the plant down a little? I don't want it to focus on vegging I want it to focus on BUDS!!
Well your fert has good ratios, but any interuption of light during the dark period can screw with your cycle. It's evident that something is breaking up the dark period, otherwise she wouldn't revert to veg. Also...I wouldn't trim her if I absolutely didn't have to. Just cutting the top of won't help her to concentrate on flowering. Your call on that one.
I prolly wont do it then... It just sucks cause I have to keep raising the if the the bottom half of the plant isn't already missing lol Also I have been using a green light during the dark hours, I'll stop doing that all together and get her back on track! Thanks x 1000 as usual, sir!

Any comments on the pics at all peoples?
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