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My seeds look like this after 5 days of paper towel method


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Its been 5 days now my seeds have been germinating in the wet paper towel method and the taproots are just barely poking out. They won't grow anymore in the paper towel. I soaked them for 24 hours before using paper towel. Is this normal? Should I just plant them in soil now? Will they be stunted? Never had seeds do this to me before....I'll just be patient for now I guess...


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What is room temp and humidity level in room your keeping your seeds in? Also are you over watering ? The towel? It needs air warmth humidity and light

Pics bud?


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I paid 100$ for 12 seeds, 6 of them popped, 4 had only cotyledons with no first set of leaves and died shortly after sprouting, the remaining 2 died soon after. I suspect old seed stock.

That was the time before last, this last time I watched fruit fly maggots eat most my seedlings. Yes fruit fly, not fungus gnat, watched the seedling fall over and then slowly disappear as the maggot munched it.


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That really blows luweedgi. Ive ordered from true north and dutch seeds both came in .. so far so good . I ordered 10x nyc desiel from dutch and I got x30 so far out of 4, 1 sporouted.
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