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My soil mix. Any thoughts?


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Hi guys, I already have a couple grows under my belt ( DWC hydro only) and will start a new grow very soon (seeds are in the napkins already) and was thinking of going organic this time.
The mix I have been thinking of is the following;
40% Coco Coir
30% Rice hulls
30% worm castings

Do you guys have any suggestions as far as this mix is concerned?
Should I adjust the ratios of each ingredient?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

PS: This time around, I will be growing some Cali Kush seeds.


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After much consideration and experimenting with the soil, and after talking with my fellow growers in the organics forum, Ive found that the best mix consists of 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 rice hulls, 1/3 wormcastings!
This is amended with crustacean meal, neem meal, kelp meal and a mix of rock dust. It is a popular mix with organic growers, and it was introduced by ClackamasCoots in another forum.
I hope this information comes handy to someone!
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