My Sour Jack Tastes Awful!

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After drying and curing my Bubba Kush tastes great, but the Sour Jack is like smoking a bar of soap. I'll be cooking the whole batch into canna-caps today, yes it's that bad.

Just wondering if anyone else experienced this?


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I had a couple Crimea Blue one time that where great plants tons of crystal. Cured right and I still hated the smell and taste. It was a cup winner and have a very strong distinct smell and flavor. I just didn't like it. Gave it all away. Sour Jack sure sounds like it would be tasty. Maybe just a bad phenol.
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My first grow so I don’t know what bad phenol is. But it’s is very crystal-y and different that’s the bubba kush I got from Crop King.
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Probably not that well. But I had both plants outside side by side (1 BK 1 SJ). They were both fertilized and flushed equally. But like I said, my first grow. Did I do it right? I don’t know.


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Spell check always wants to respell it. A pheno is just a distinction of plants growth, smell, flavor, ect. A bad one would be one that had a off smell, shitty growth, and so on. I have run into some wild smells and flavor on the Sour side. That or maybe it was harvested before fully finished which can effect final smell and flavor.
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I have never tried Sour Jack until now. But I love Sour Diesel and Jack Herer separately, so I would be surprised if the "hybrid" of the two tastes somehow really nasty.

The buds are kind of sticky still. I probably did something wrong.