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My throat is hurting


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I am a little sick, the throat is a lil sore, but I need to smoke my blunts, for sleep mainly, and every night its about to heal sorta but yea...

Anyways anyone know of any lil remedies to help my throat? It sucks smoking when you arent 100%

Matanuska Valley

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well I wont say it but if u know me ,u know what I was going to say... :19:

SORRY,:3: just burned 1 and I saw this thread and it made me laugh my ass off...

No disrespect to you benmarco intended hope you get well soon.


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im in the same boat im sick luckily a nice dosage if zicam is helping but dam vaping has made my first sickness(since i got my vape) go by really smoothly.
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