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my tricky plant - when to harvest?


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I am on day 61 of my plant's life in flowering :) About a week ago, I noticed that the trichomes were starting to turn amber on a lot of the water leafs up and down the plant. Pistils are still mostly white. I'd say about 75% white, 25% orange.

I heard that trichomes were supposed to turn amber before the pistils do orange on sativa's. Now, this seemed kinda off to me, but I wanted to double check. Also, should I just pick my plant now since the trichomes are starting to turn amber? Or wait it out till the pistils are orange?


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The longer you wait the more "stoney" the high will be. This sounds like a very long flowering Sativa and letting it go for a few more weeks is not going to hurt it. I would check out Moose's White Widow journal. He let them go way past 70 days I believe. If the plant still shows vigor and signs of new growth theres no reason to stop it.


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If the plant still shows vigor and signs of new growth theres no reason to stop it.

Like RooR said....I still have plants the I planted in May outdoors..harvested most of the donkey dicks, and then brought them indoors under a MH..and all those lil ones that were tiny have gotten about 4 inches tall but about a half dollar size around...i mean FAT and Dense...and the hairs have all just about curled back up and the trichs are still really cloudy, but they keep growin fatter:adore:


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well, i gave my plant another 2 days of light than what I had planned. No more growth, and they haven't fattened up noticeably. Trich's starting to form more and more, but they stopped as well. So, I cut the plant lol.
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