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My urine looked very diluted during my pre-employment drug test - Am I gonna fail?


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Just wondering, I've smoked one very light hit of marijuana over 3 weeks ago and yesterday, I was scheduled for pre-employment drug test. Just got the drug test done this morning(after drinking a lot of water and gatorade) and am now worried about if my employer will let the diluted urine pass(as long as it's tested negative) or if they think I'm trying to hide something because of this.
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If it wasn't dark enough (diluted) the lab folks that gave you the test would have rejected it then and told you to hang out and try again (done that many times as my Employers didn't give you any notice for a random test, in 20 years I did at least 50 of em lol but I quit toking for that whole time too). One hit 3 weeks ago has very little odds of even showing up in their test (they all look for different amounts as a minimum amount), even if you were overweight and had a very slow metabolism I doubt it will fail test.
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