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My Very First Grow Experience With Pics


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Hi evreyone,
first of all sorry for my poor english but I will try to be clear as much as I can.
here we go,
I started almost 2 weeks ago growing weed in my grow box and I feel everthing is ok untill I transplanted it.
here's my details:

* I bought seeds named ( Big Head THC Pro ) from Single Marijuana Seeds Canada.
* Indica/Sativa.( indoor ).
* Homemade soil mix ( 50% peat moss / 25% pelite / 25% vermiclite ).
* light: 2 bulbs 30 watt CFL's.( 24 hours lights on.)
* Temp: 75 to 85.
* Humid: 40 to 50.
* Vent and fan are in the grow box ( i'm planning to add another fan cause as u see in the pic it's too damn low).
* It's been 16 days since the first sign of leaf showed up which was 13th of May , still in the veg stage and I transplanted few hours ago.
but the bottom leaves bending down, thats happen right after i trasplanted, wired huh.
*Nutrients: Well, I only found a regular food nutrients that work for fruits and vegetables like tomato and cucumber. ( Tomorrow it will be my first feeding ).

I will be thankful if u guys help me out with Any advices :)

Here's my grow box:

Here's my timer:

here's my first sign of leaf:

these are some pic before I transplanted and i looks awesome:



here's when i transplanted:

these are some pic after i transplanted and it looks Hmmm ( I don't know but some leaves are bending down):

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They look real nice to me.You have to give plants 3-5 days after transplants sometimes to kick back into gear.


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two quick question :
1- should i water my plant before fertilizing or it's better when the soil is dry ?
2- after fertilizing should I water the soil or should i leave the fertilizer dry out itself?

indica vet

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is your fert solids or liquid?
if liquid mix as per instructions and apply
if solid i:e slow release,manure based etc apply per instructions and water in.
dont over do it all though keep media moist not wet ,water unyil flows from bottom of pot and stop ,when top inch of media drys out do it allover again :) , experiment a bit best way to learn. looking good mate


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I wouldnt water after fert just cause u might make it flush out.... depending on what ur using... I mix mine with water... I crush it and mix.... from what I understand ud add water after if u notice it damaging ur plant...just to get it all out.... I also read letting it dry out makes roots grow further down looking for nuts...therfore making it stronger overall...but only do this once or twice during veg.... u should look into main-lining... topping.. fim...things u can do to increase yield...ur around the right time to do this....


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indica vet don't be sorry, bout my fert i am from middle east and we don't the right fert so I am using a regular food fert that works for tomato and I have to mix it with water.
Cgodod thanks man and I will start fert tomorrow.


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im using aluminum foil on three sides and a windshield on the door side so i can roll it up..... with good lights its not as important to reflect...but cfls or lower quality..it helps out..


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im using aluminum foil on three sides and a windshield on the door side so i can roll it up..... with good lights its not as important to reflect...but cfls or lower quality..it helps out..

Ive heard from some of the other experienced members that tin foil is not good. It can develop hot spots if its not perfectly flat and no imperfections. Its kind of a use at your own risk kind of thing.


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Hey guys sorry for the lateness,
what i did is, 4 gram fert with 1 gallon of water, now all of the sudden 4 to 5 leaves are burnd, I flush the grow mediom with 2 gallon of water.
it's only 4 gram, Gad damn it.
anyways I will post some pic
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