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My view - how long a gram of hash should last


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I just finished a gram of unpressed bubble hash. It served me well, alleviating the chronic pain from 4 different injuries. I bid it a fond farewell this evening as I scraped the red resin out of the stem of the pipe and smoked it on top of the ashy screen.

It's actually the third or fourth time I've been medicated off of the resin from this 1g of bubble...having scraped first the area under the bowl; another couple of times I heated the bowl and stem and took vapor hits; and now tonight's episode.

Imagine how long those powdery trichomes lasted me in their virgin state. A few hundred grains at a time were enough to do the deed. Often once a day, occasionally twice. Thrice was a special treat.

You can call me a lightweight. The beauty of it for me, however, is that the affects from this obviously sativa-sourced powder allowed me to be fully functional. When I was young and immortal I could handle massive quantities of THC. Eleven Thai Sticks in one week was probably my peak.

I had my time of being wasted on weed. I wasn't married, no kids, nothing to lose. Now it's a tool for pain and stress relief, and a sleep aid. There are no harmful side affects from the herb itself. The antediluvian federal laws are the real concern. One hit of bubble does not a scene make. It works for my current lifestyle.

Would I, if given a safe environment and the necessary materials, smoke and enjoy a big phatty of some of the dankest of buds illustrated on the pages of 420magazine? You bet! I dreamed I was rolling a joint last night. In that dream I was also singing "All to the Glory of God". My life is an enigma.

You that have mason jars filled w/ partial pounds of potent purple - I hope you appreciate your condition. You are blessed w/ abundance. The power of those nuggets for the well being of the sick and injured is dynamic and miraculous.

I'm thankful that my early experimentation w/ cannabis allowed me to have an open mind in my later years. It served as a gateway to freedom and bliss. I'm sorry for those who would never consider the herb but, without knowledge of the dangers, accept the prescription medication samples handed out by physicians like candy - only to become physically addicted. Drugs for sleep, depression, anxiety, pain. All with more negative side effects than positive uses. Drugs that make you want to kill yourself. Drugs that could, for the most part, be replaced by the fruits of a plant they could grow in their yard. So sorry for them.

The gram of bubble hash lasted me 6 weeks. I was medicated for all but two of those days.

I hope you all have a great night. :smoke2: :peace:


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Thank you for that, I enjoyed reading your post.

I understand what you mean. I've never really wasted my herb, my stash will usually last me a while. When hash comes around, which is rarely, I do the same. Most of the time, I smoke until I get to a comfortable state of mind where I am still nicely functional.. :51:

Have a nice evening too ;)


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A couple months ago, I bought a tiny bowl (maybe 2 inches long) and it is awesome. My stash lasts weeks longer and I get just as high as I would if I smoked from a larger bowl. It keeps my tolerance low to the point where I can share the tiny bowl with someone and still get blown. Its great. :)


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I've never understood people who think they are cool becasue of their high tolerance to thc. Having a low enough tolerance to get blazed from a tiny bowl, or even just one hit is much better. Its better for your lungs because you don't have to smoke so much. More importantly, its better for your wallet, since you won't be needing to buy ganja as often when you can get stoned from less than a gram. Great read freaknature :31:
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A couple of decades ago. It was wonderful stuff then, It's probably better now, depending on the strain it's derived from. Look at some posts (and videos) by Mary420Jane, bless her heart!


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Wow FreakNature that hits very close to my own life.Fist off Im sorry for your chronic pain conditions,their is no amount of words that can explane the hell you have to deal with,and no matter how close to you someone can be they never truely understand why you can go from happy to a tottal asshole.Also alot of people take the stuff for granted.Im a chronic pain sufferer and where I live I usuelly only get middies.And on top of that being on disibility(less than 7beans a month)I have verry little to spend on herb. So when I have it,it is verry special to me.Good luck with your health bro,and good story.
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