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My Water Cooled Grow Room


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Im creating my first grow room in my garage. Using a 2x4 insulated frame, the dimenstions are 4' x 14' x 6", OSB on the outside, sheet rock on the inside, gap sealed and painted with super white reflective roof paint.

3-Liquid Lumens With Wing
1-Grow Zone LS2 Light Timer 240V - 240V
3-1000W Digital Sol Ballast Non-Dimmable 240v
No Flow & Heat Detection Switch 1/2"
3-Solarmax 1000W HPS Bulb
1-C.A.P. Air-3 Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Controller
ebb n flow
1-1/2 hp chiller
2-600gph pumps
1-65 gal res
1-portable a/c
1-standing osc fans

This is my first grow and im buliding it for the ground up. So Ive designed and run the manifold system, the power and I insulated the concrete floor just in case the temp effects my root system, who knows im new. The ballast and water supplies are located outside the room.

Then room is sealed i see no light entering from anywhere. Im running the pumps off a timer to my lights in a low pressure system running thru a no flow device that shuts everything down in case of a system leak or over heat. CO2 is connected to the manifold as well and is controlled along with the A/C by the temp/hum/co2 controller.

I ran the pumps for about a week, then I connected the CO2 and ran that to see if I could keep a consistent level of 1500 ppm. I am now in the process of running the complete system, So far so good, my room is running about a consistant 76 degrees. The temp outside ranges from 50 to 75 so i have little need for the chiller right now and im having trouble finding a constant dew point to stop the sweats. Ill take pictures soon.

Looking for suggestions, what do you think?


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I guess I should rephrase my question. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve the effectiveness of this setup? Pictures will follow. Thanks.


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I agree, my friend. The units from Hydro Innovations are great. I am unsure, though, why u need both a chiller and an air conditioner.
I wanted the same system but where i live (Australia), I could not get my hands on a decent chiller that would do the job and to import a chiller from the states would be too expensive for me.
good luck with it
black thunder from down under


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Even with the chiller the room being completely sealed, the temp can reach 90 degrees. The a/c is on a thermostat set to 80 degrees.


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I promise ill get pics up soon. I changed out the chiller and 65 gal resv, for a 275 gal resv. The amount of CO2 I generate for the space should allow for additional heat tolerance.


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Thanks for the help, Ive posted a couple pic under grow room setup. There will more to follow this weekend when i fill the room.


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3x1000 watt on your first grow?
that's quite an investment with the water cooled lights. hope it all goes well for you. :goodluck:

here's two pictures from your gallery;


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