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i recently sprouted a few seeds and was looking to get any feed back on what to maybe look out for, are they heavy or light feeders, how much do they stretch what to look out for and such.
strains are: Pineapple Express, White Russian, Skywalker, Granddaddy blueberry, and (tragic x green crack)

I sprouted in 2" plastic pots with home made seed starter mix.
all sprouted the 26th of April
was going to transplant to 4" pot next with a stronger soil mix then finish in 3 gallon smart pots. or should i just go to the 3 gallons and skip the 4" pot?

working on getting pics up.



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I think you should begin a journal or start a new thread rather than post this in the Intro section. No worries, I'm sure the mods will move it for ya!
I've grown skywalker a few times and lemon walker.. actualy my little avatar pic thing by my name is skywalker. Skywalker is an awesome strain. Super frosty. Not a super big producer I'd top that strain a couple times to maximize your yeild. It's a pretty heavy feeder and it's pretty resilient. Realy a pretty easy plant to grow. And I'd go right to the 3 gallon pot personally. All my plants have been going from solo cups with drain holes poked in em to 3gal pots then to 8.5 gallon pots. A few extra weeks in veg and a little extra leg room can quadruple your yeild.
No prob. I just got a freebie seed from attitude of pineapple express so I'm growing that one for the first time as well . I'm excited about that one I hear it's super tastey.
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