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N Deficiency or something else - Or nothing?


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On 2/14 i obtained a FrankenBerry clone from my local med shop, the claw was present at this time but the only one leaf had yellow, the yellowing and claw is becomming more prevalent on other leaves. Ive watered it twice, the first time i barely watered it, soil was bone dry next morning so i really watered it til it was saturated. I have not fed it any nutrients yet, just bottled water.

One of the big ol fan leaves is getting super yellow and the ends are curling in, not clawing.
This is my first attempt at growing marijuana.

I think it may have to do with my lighting, i have 2 (86w) CFLs for about 9k lumens, also ive got no reflective material at this time.
Humidity has been 40-45% and temp 76-80f, but today i accidentally got it up to like 86f when i was at work.
I was told to was 3 days to transplant, maybe i need to re-pot this baby? At this time the dirt feels moderatly moist and compact.

This is my first time posting on this fourm, or to any fourm in a long time so just lemme know if i did anything wrong.

This brown spot wasnt here 3 days ago


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I'm new too but I will say that plant is much to big for a solo cup. repot in a 1-2 gallon. Looks like light burn or nitrogen deficiency


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Thanks for your input! They did reccomend i transplant in 3 days, i just was worried about doing it if the plant was stressed. I think i will replant it tonight, or tomorrow morning.

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I don't see any nute burn. Top of Your plant looks fine. Transplant it to bigger pot. Check ph.

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My First DWC Grow - Unknown Strain


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Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post! I may have just been overthinking things, expecting for something to go wrong. Gonna transplant tomorrow :)
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