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N.J. Marijuana Grower With Multiple Sclerosis Gets Legal Victory

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Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
A New Jersey Appellate Court ruling handed down on Monday may free a Franklin Township man sentenced to five years in prison for growing marijuana plants to treat his Multiple Sclerosis.

John Wilson's attorney James Wronko confirmed the ruling saying, "They have stayed the sentence."

The court ruled that Wilson, 37, should be granted bail and released to his family if he can meet the court's requirements for release.

While his family is hopeful, they have grave concerns as to Wilson's declining health. Wilson spent three weeks in the Somerset County Jail after his February conviction, then a week in a Trenton transfer facility and had just been moved to a state prison complex in southern New Jersey when the appellate court finding came down.

Wilson's troubles began after a New Jersey National Guard helicopter pilot spotted 17 marijuana plants growing behind his home. He was arrested and charged with manufacturing drugs, a felony, manufacturing marijuana in the second- and possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the third degree. He was found not guilty of the felony charge, which could have sent Wilson to prison for fifteen years.

During trial, Wronko was not allowed to mention to his client's jury that Wilson suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and was not allowed to introduce testimony as to the medical benefits cannabis afforded his client. It all but sealed the man's judicial fate.

Wilson's case attracted extensive media attention and support from the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey as well as State Senators Raymond Lesniak and Nicholas Scutari who have petitioned the Governor to grant Wilson an Executive pardon.

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If layers are the scum of humanity, then PROSECUTORS are the scum of lawyers!!

If the devil himself wanted to incarnate itself, it would do so as a prosecutor. Think about it. What other position allows someone to ruin SO MANY LIVES and make a great living out of it?
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Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
During the trial, Judge Reed barred all references to Wilson’s disease except one, having previously ruled that personal use is not a defense, and mention of his illness could give him a sympathetic reason for breaking the law.

So much for a little compassion.