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N.Y. - Morrisville Man Arrested after Reporting Stolen Marijuana


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Man calls 911 after houseguest steal $170 worth of marijuana.

A Morrisville man has been charged with unlawful growing of marijuana after he called 911 to report marijuana plants stolen from his home.The Madison County Sheriff says David J Abbott called the 911 Center on February 17, claiming $170 worth of marijuana plants were stolen from his home after he went out and left a house guest behind.Abbott says when he returned a door in the house was broken and the plants were missing.

Upon arrival, deputies observed marijuana smoking paraphernalia, marijuana seeds, small quantities of pot in clear plastic bags, and a marijuana "grow light" system.Abbott was issued a ticket to appear in the town of Nelson court on March 29.

On February 18, Sheriff deputies arrested Michael H. Liddle, Abbott's houseguest.Liddle, a Morrisville resident, was charged with one count of petty larceny and one count of criminal mischief in the fourth degree.Liddle's court appearance is scheduled for March 1 in the Town of Nelson.

Source: WKTV-TV
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