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N0ctem's Poor Man's Mixed Strain Indoor Grow


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Hey guys, So I've lurked on this forum for awhile now and I've decided to start a journal for the grow I started a few days ago, so here goes nothing.

At the moment I have two clones in Roots Organic Soil, One XJ-13 and one Casey Jones(In 24/0 at the moment). I also have several Warlock seeds germinating in the same soil and one random seed I got a short while ago which I believe to be Blue Dot.

Three of the Warlock seeds have sprouted so far after only three days of germination in soil, I hope the others fare the same.
I have them all under a 600W HPS bulb with two fans (one oscillating) moving air. I'm going to be putting in a temp/ humidity controller soon so hopefully the temperatures drop a bit more.

I'm gonna take a leaf out of 420's grow journal suggestions and give you guys a run-down of what i'm using in my room right now:

What strain is it? XJ-13 Casey Jones and Warlock
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? 4 days
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Roots Organic Potting Soil
If soil... What size pot? 1 gallon slotted pots now, Five gallon eventually.
Size of light? 600W HPS
Is it aircooled? The room is currently cooled by an Oscillating Fan and a large box fan, but i plan to install a dedicated AC/Heater with dehumidifier
Temp of Room/cab? 72 at the cooler times of day 80-82 during the afternoon
Any Pests ? None so far
How often are you watering? daily if needed, usually every other day
Type and strength of ferts used?Bio Bizz Root Juice, Bio Grow, Bio-Bloom, and Bio Heaven but only root juice so far.

And here's a pic of the girls after 4 days.

More pics to come as things progress further and as always if any of you have advice to give I'm always interested in improving my space or technique.
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sorry about the poor picture quality, the future pics will be better :)


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Just took more pics, a few close ups of the clones.


A pic of the two together


Slightly better pic of both the clones


A Closeup of the XJ-13


A closeup of the Casey Jones

when the seedlings get bigger I'll take some pics of them and upload.
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If anyone has any suggestions i would be most grateful, this is my second indoor grow and the first one in this grow room, any input or advice would be appreciated. ;)


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So this afternoon I PH'd my soil and it came out around 6.9-7.0 on most of them, i know that's an unsafe PH level but i don't have any PH up or down at the moment, can any of you tell me how i might safely lower my PH slightly without risking harm to my plants?



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One of the warlocks started showing leaves today :D

a few of the others have started showing but no leaves just yet.

anyone who might be reading, please don't hesitate to post something, it's awful quiet in here :roorrip:


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Been a Busy week with some changes and updates;
Topped the Casey Jones Yesterday. Two days ago the XJ-13 started showing signs of curling and light spotting, i diagnosed it as MG deficiency with a little research and corrected it with a very light amount of epsom salt and light foliar feeding, she's doing well now and showing new healthy growth (still growing a little slowly). So far most of my warlock seeds have popped and the blue dot is looking healthy.
Here are a few pics i've taken over the last few days:

Above: XJ-13 after correcting the MG problem and trimming damaged foliage


Above: Casey Jones after topping


Above: Warlock seedlings after only a few days.


Above: The biggest of the seedlings. Got transplanted into a larger pot two days ago.

I'm planning on transplanting the other seedlings in the next couple of days when i can get some more RO, thinking of putting a little additional perlite in the soil mixture to increase air to the roots. Anyone reading have experience with this that they don't mind sharing?

Stay posted: putting in Black/White Panda and transplanting seedlings in the next entry.

Current Nutrient Regimen:
1.5ml/L Root Juice every other day or so

2ml/L Bio Heaven
1ml/L Fish Mix
1ml/L Bio Grow

PH is steady at 6.5-6.7

Increasing the Bio Grow by 1ml/l in the next couple days once the XJ starts perking up a little more.

Happy Growing guys! if you're reading let me know! ;)


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So it's been a busy weekend but I have more pictures and updates! Over the weekend I got myself a Northern Lights X Williams Wonder clone. she's in soil about two days now and is taking her new environment well. XJ-13 is looking like she's having nutrient problems now, so I flushed her soil and am hoping for improvement. I'm going to post pics of her and closer images of her leaves in a second post in an attempt to keep good news and progress seperate from troubleshooting. So far no major malfunctions, it seems that they're all growing well and making progress.
So now for the pictures:


the largest of the warlocks so far


A pic of the other seedlings at 10 days


From Left To Right: Warlock Seedling: 10 days, Casey Jones: 2 Weeks, Warlock Seedling: 2 Weeks, Northern Lights X William's Wonder: 2 days transplanted.


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So these are the pictures of the symptoms the XJ-13 is exhibiting:



i'm gonna try flushing with distilled water for the next little bit and see if she improves in the coming days, as always though any information is more than appreciated!

Thanks to anybody reading, hopefully the experiences in this journal will be useful to someone else on the board ;)


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It looks to me like the leaf curl on your girls is from heat stress. How far is your lamp from the plants? Do you have a fan blowing on them to keep the air from getting stagnant?

Other than that, they look happy and healthy. Good luck with the grow! ;)


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Thanks for posting ConqueringLOJ! My 600W is about 10-12 inches away from the plants sometimes a little bit more, and i have a complete climate control in the room at the moment, the temperature rarely steers away from 74-80 Farenheit often though sometimes slightly cooler. I try to keep it comfortable in there for them. humidity is usually between 40-50+% on average.
Thanks for the kind words and luck to you as well in your grows ;)

Captain Kronic

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What is it they say... nail on the head :thumb: +rep


It looks to me like the leaf curl on your girls is from heat stress. How far is your lamp from the plants? Do you have a fan blowing on them to keep the air from getting stagnant?

Other than that, they look happy and healthy. Good luck with the grow! ;)


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What is it they say... nail on the head :thumb: +rep

Thanks for posting Captain Kronic!

On another note:
I should have another update coming later this evening. I re-potted the XJ-13 and slowed the nutes, raised the light a little more and she seems to be reacting well. Pics soon! :)



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Sorry for the late reply, I'm laggin a little. so here's some pics of the room I took last night:




everything's looking good, moved things around a little to even the light out for the babies, they've been responding well to the additional light :)

Built a 35 site Aero Cloner a week ago and i've been working on a mother room, planning on converting my current room into a flower only room and throwing clones into hempy SOG style. probably 24-36 at a time straight to 12/12. Taking this idea from a few of the SOG style grows I've seen here. Looking like the first run through is going to be mostly Casey Jones. I'm hoping for a good amount of females out of the seedlings so i have some variety.
Anyways that being said, once I get my setup complete I think this thread is in for a name change if at all possible. If one of you awesome admins sees this can ya give me a hand when the time comes? ;) happy smokin' 420mag!


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Wish me luck on what is soon to be my first attempt at a hempy grow! If anyone with a good amount of experience with hempy would care to share some tips/tricks I'd be more than grateful for the pointers. ;)


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Dunno what happened with my last post got deleted or dissappeared or something, not sure if it went up. Anyways I trimmed a couple of the larger fan leaves off the Casey Jones and have new pictures I'm resizing now, watered today after three and a half days without under the 24/0 light schedule. The soil has been drying out a little more than I'm used to seeing. Watered with ph'd distilled water at 6.5 Pics to follow as soon as I'm done resizing them.


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Casey Jones after a little light trimming


XJ-13 after a full recovery! ;)


Another pic of XJ-13


Yet another of the XJ-13


The two smaller warlock plants


Another pic of the same plants


One of the warlock plants~


The largest of the warlock plants so far


William's Wonder X Northern Lights (Left) Warlock (Right)


Just the William's Wonder X Northen Lights

Edit: Just did some LSTing on the XJ-13 and Casey Jones as well, Pics of that in the next day or two.
They're looking really really good, the XJ-13 and Casey are looking ripe for cloning. and for the good news! I'm about to set up my brand new flowering tent. So, future things to look forward to:
Aero Cloning step by step with instructions
Pics of my recently constructed Aero Cloner
and hopefully (with any luck) within the next 8-12 weeks some good bud porn. ;)

on that note I'm going to go build myself a tent!

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So, my XJ-13 has started showing what look like pistils and she's still in 24/0 with everyone else.. can anyone tell me why that might be? i'll take some photos and post them asap. if anyone has an answer or solution to the problem i'd be forever grateful ;)


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just took clones last night, took some pics of the clones. probably tomorrow i'll be taking several more and doing the step by step at that time. (have to get more scalpels first). anyways, I'm resizing and uploading the pics from last night now. i'll do a follow up post with captions ;)


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Pic of the clones:
Left four rows are all Casey Jones, Bottom of the fifth row is a lone William's Wonder x Northern Lights clone, The four on the bottom right are Warlock clones off two seperate warlock plants (hoping they're females), Top of the same rows as the warlock are two XJ-13 Clones.


An overhead of the garden currently.


The XJ-13 seems to be reverting to vegetative growth fairly well, can't place what might have stressed her out quite yet.


The William's Wonder X Northern Lights seems to be doing well. it's growing at a slow pace, but i have faith in it being a good mother in the near future. ;)


The Biggest of the warlock plants as of right now.


The Blue Dot looking a little healthier now than it was a few days ago.

I'm hoping to see roots from these clones soon. The plan is SOG from clone to 12/12. We'll see how they do.

Thanks again to all of you who are reading, I love this community and I'm glad to be able to contribute somehow to it and my fellow growers This next bowl's for you guys.
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