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Strains: Jean-O's Root Beer Float S2 Auto, Ethos Purple Thai Auto

Tent: Vivosun 5x30x80
Lighting: ParfactWorks WF420, light schedule 20/4
Extraction / Intake: Terra Bloom 4 inch ECM Inline fans.
Soil: Happy Frog
Soil Amendments: Down To Earth Bat Guano, Dr. Earth Flower Girl, Wiggle Worm Worm Castings, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Azomite.
Watering/ Foliar Spray Additives: NPK Industries Full Up, Kelp, Silica, and Neptune's Harvest Organic Liquid Fish & Seaweed.

Both Ladies are in early flower, but I will catch up from the beginning starting here from sprout.

Ethos, Purple Thai - Day 1, 5/14

Jean-O's Root Beer Float - Day 1, 5-15

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Tease her a little with a dry soil until next feeding. She looks fantastic btw, to avoid future problems really let that soil dry out, especially in veg my friend. Cannabis loves searching for water source. So letting those roots dry a little in veg will offset deficiencies to come.
Watering is truly an art. After growing for 30 years, one tends to acquire a knack for it.


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4 days prior, each of the ladies received one half cup each of Dr. Earth Flower Girl, and Wiggle Worm, Worm Castings. 1/4 Cup of Diatomaceous Earth, and a heaping Tablespoon of Down To Earth, Bat Guano. I will reammend in 14 - 20 days.
If I should detect nutrient deficiencies in between feedings, I will add 1.5 ml per gallon of Neptune's Harvest to the watering schedule until then.


Day 22

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