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Name your favourite strains that you've actually grown yourself


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name your favourite strains that you've actually grown yourself

my 2 favourites have most definitely been Herouana/Herijuana and Craw Dad


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for my own i only got into the veg stage with AK47

ive helped grow some cherry AK x Grandaddy Purple, orange crush, and some purple kush but those were helping some med patients grow their own.


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Please tell me more about this strain if you can.. Your grow techs, lights, veg and flower time, any problems (mold, bugs),yield per plant, etc. This strain REALLY caught my eye and I wanna know 1st hand how good it is before I get my hands on some seeds.. I'm debating between MasterKush, Ice and a couple other right now...


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i just had some cinderella x g-13 that i helped my buddy grow from seed, omg, i almost puked, and after i was done hacking up lung butter, i found i was so baked that i couldnt even talk straight to the lady at 7eleven

well hello dahui, been a while, how u been?


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Thanks so much GS, this helps alot. I will keep all this info in mind when I make up my choice.

Hey DankC, I'm good, thanks for asking, how about you? ;)


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My fav would have to be a strain that I experimented with for a few years. It's my own cross, atleast I don't THINK anyone else has done it. It's a Acapulco Gold x Kali Mist hybrid. I named her Natural Mystic in reference to a song by one of my fav artists, Bob Marley. She can be difficult as the clones are tricky to root, but once they're established, they're extremely hardy plants that grow pretty damn big. Yield is okay, around one dry ounce per plant.

The thing about this baby is, of course, the HIGH. I still have some of her left and I smoked some of her again last night. High comes on VERY quickly. I rolled a small spliff with only a small amount of NM in there, and by the time I got half-way down the joint I didn't even want to smoke any more. Extremely cerebral, that's all I can say. Energetic and clear-headed. I stood in front of the TV, and after concentrating for a second my mind told me I was levitating. Very, very strange and trippy feeling.

My second fav would probably be Northern Lights, just because it's so easy to grow.


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I did grow something that was said to be Ak-47, but with my shitty lights the buds were not as big as they should have been. The buds look, color, and taste was however consistent with Ak-47 so perhaps it actually was.

My dream is to grow a sizeable amount (with good light of course) of something that I know for sure what the strain is.


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I also enjoyed growing Romulan, Skywalker and White Widow x Black Domina there is a few more I'll think of them later........


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Like I was sayin in the other forum, Lambsbread. Wowowowow. I love w.widow, and s.star but the Lambs, damn.
Its so good. Make me feel clear.


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Seedbank Strains:
LUI - Spice Of Life
Trance - Dutch Passion
Sunshine Daydream - Dman from Spice Brothers

Clone Only:
Bubba Kush
Cherry Slyder - Rare pheno from 'Slyder' by Sagarmatha


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czar pawliw said:
trying to get hold of blackberry, does any one know if its any good.Is cherry slyder a strain that you can only get in usa.

Blackberry is another clone only...though there are some crosses out there. Do a search for Blackberry Widow;)

Cherry Slyder is clone only, unless you find the rare pheno out of a pack of 'Slyder' by Sagarmatha Seeds...though chances are very slim. Its possible to get this strain / or any other worldwide...just gotta source it out and have private chat with those that have it:smoke2:

czar pawliw

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:bong: Do you know if blue ruskaya,and ultraviolet are clones as well. My dream is to grow purple strains.(thanks for info)
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Sonny Cheeba

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Matanuska Tundra- Awesome taste, very berry and sweet. A big plant, she grows tall and fast. The high is fuckin crazy, sneaks up on ya.

Northern Lights- Almost minty in flavor I'de say. I have some dryin now. I tried a top bud a week back and it FUCKED me up.

Big Guns- A cross of Matanuska Tundra and AK 47,,,WOW. I was tattooin my buddy and I had him smoke some before we started,,,the guy fell asleep on me,,,lol,,which worked out cause I kept goin,,,
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