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Nanda Devi - Real Seed Company


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
Name: Nanda Devi (landrace sativa from Himalayas)
Vendor: Real Seed Company
Grown from: Regular seed
Grown how: Outdoor organically
Latitude: 45° N
Harvested: 17th October

The vendor says:

This is a lovely charas 'sativa' from a little known region around the sacred mountain of Nanda Devi, the 'Goddess of Bliss', in the Kumaon Himalaya. Kumaon was once part of Nepal and shares the same ancient cannabis traditions. Very resinous and aromatic, 'Nanda Devi' produces charas with a distinctive soaring high.

The villages which grow this strain regard it as a special charas strain cultivated only for the purpose of making charas, and farmers believe it has a better, stronger high than the other large seeded strains (known as 'dati') which they also cultivate.

My plant came from the only seed I germinated from a dozen of small blackish seeds, and it was started quite late, around late June. In early veg she's shown good vigor and hardiness without stretching too much. After transplanting outdoor she's been growing in natural soil, and was fertilized very little. She also became a treat to an eye very soon with huge, dark green, slender fan leaves and red stems. She started flowering by the end of August, but that was initially visible only from very small pistils and massive stretching. In two weeks she grew up around 4 feet to stop around middle September, when she also started showing absolutely beautiful pinky pistils, sprinkling from crown-like flowers!

By the end of flowering she had amazing, kinda lilac flower smell, which spread out well especially in the rain. Budz were very fluffy with long internodal distance, and by the end they started turning purple/red. The whole plant also started getting U shape by leaning over at this point, so she actually became a bit shorter. She caught septoria as most of my plants did around late August, but wasn't very bothered with it. After heavy rains in middle October and rise in humidity she also caught grey mold, but only on single calyxes, which was easy to remove, and didn't affect yield seriously.

She was eventually taken with around 80% of cloudy and 20% amber trichs, and while I was doing it I managed to roll some charas. Flowers dried very quickly, and became very loose just after 3 days. Initially I smoked my charas, but because the ball was small I didn't get very high. Regardless, the smoke was amazing and has shown its deeply mystical/spiritual quality with light euphoria.

Yes, it's the most amazing high I've had in years, although after two more experiences I still cannot figure what the potency is. Basically, a smaller dose of this sativa gives you spiritual insights, energy, light euphoria, and gets you together with nature. You're also very clear headed, but then you totally lose interest with any complicated work, and it's because you just have to ride this great rush! In a bigger dose this weed can be a killer though as another day I found myself going off the orbit almost, half an hour after I smoked some shake, mostly pistils. So Nanda Devi can be very gentle, but can also take you to the edge like a rocket if you smoke too much.

The worst thing about Nanda Devi is taste, which is harsh, grassy and really heavy on the lungs. But then I smoked untrimmed budz as soon as they were dry, so that might improve with curing. Still, this is probably the best bud I ever smoked in my life as no commercial sativa-dominant stuff got me this high, and no weed had so much character. Absolutely recommended for landrace sativa lovers with good outdoor conditions!

Smell in early/middle flowering: Floral
Smell in late flowering: Lilac flower
Smell after drying and very short curing: Lilac flower and raspberries
Taste of bud: Harsh, grassy, salty (one of the worst I ever experienced)
Taste of hand rolled hash (charas): Resinous, but dry, and lightly fruity
High: Pure bliss with deep mystical and euphoric feeling all the way, extremely clear-headed and happy
Rating: A++
Medicinal use: Hard to say really

Nanda Devi in early flowering

Nanda Devi in late flowering

Dry budz



Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
I think I'm gonna go for it again too. I'm thinking about a Thai strain, but flowering till December puts me off a little bit :)


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Hey Conradino,
How is the taste now that it's had some time to cure? Just curious.


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
Yo S'n'S :)
It did cure well indeed. It developed floral and fruity (raspberry) aroma which translates into woodsy, tart taste on the inhale with smoky exhale. Still not the best stuff in the world, but the high is simply amazing and keeps you so calm and happy, that my other budz cannot just quite make it there :) :tokin:


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Your Nandi Devi was fun to watch grow and sounds very interesting. I wish I had a secure outdoors spot to plant one and let it rip in all of its sativa glory.


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
Well, with this one I'd really would be careful if going indoor which is not to say that it cannot be done. Very interesting genetics for sure, which really shows what a genuine sativa is about. There's something very magical about this plant :tokin:


Awesome grow for sure man. How many months did it flower for? I am just wondering cause i am currently growing 1 nanda devi plant from the real seed company and out of the 5 seeds i bought only one grew and luckily it was a female. Its in a little cfl grow box and about 2 weeks into flowering. I know i won't get much bud from her but i am in the process of making fem seeds with her. Already have a clone of her being sprayed daily with colloidal silver. Below is a shitty pic I took today. So yea I can't really find an average flowering time on this strain any where online and since you grew it, I would really appreciate your knowledge. Again awesome grow, can't wait for mine to be done.


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
Outdoor she was ready by mid October, indoor I really don't have a clue. I'd keep nitrogen very low as she stretches a lot.


Thanks for the quick response. As for nutes I have only given her 1/2 strength powdered maxibloom her whole life, which I think is pretty low in nitrogen or hopefully low enough. Yea i figure since I'm using Cfls it will probably take a bit longer than outdoor or than hps.


so it looks like mine is going to be finished indoors at right around 8 weeks flowering.

It was grown in pure coco coir.

fed with only general hydroponics maxi bloom, never at over half strength and still managed to burn it a little.

grown under 87 watts of CFLs.

pollinated half the plant for seeds with male skunk #1 pollen from spliff seeds. The colloidal silver sprayed clone didn't drop pollen in time to pollinate this plant. But it barely started dropping pollen about a week ago and i have collected this pollen and have it in the fridge for when my outdoor nanda devi plant is ready to pollinate. Still hasn't even started flowering yet here in SoCal.

These pictures are from today and I plan to chop it down Monday. I am currently only giving it str8 RO water.

Buds were grown under 87 watts of CFLs and are super fluffy don't think this plant will yield more than 10 grams dried. But I should get about 100 f1 hybrid skunk#1 x nanda devi seeds to mess around with. I have already picked off about 30 mature seeds and some are even falling out of the plant.

One thing i notice about this plant is that it doesn't smell at all during the entire grow. literally you can't smell it unless you are like a foot away and even then it is very subtle. Even now i can only smell it if i squeeze a bud with my fingers or put my nose right up to a bud. The smell it does have is nice though, mango carrotish with a hint of earthy spice. So indoors if you are looking for a stealthy plant that doesn't smell this would be a good option to consider, if you don't mind super fluffy airy buds, but if grown indoors make sure you have enough space and you will definitly have to LST. I had to super crop a couple of branches mid flowering that started touching the lights.


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
This is very good job, man. These plants are not easy to grow indoor.


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Most people I know had positive experiences with RSC landraces, but keep in mind that they are untamed landraces, not the best option for an indoor grower expecting a nice crop lol.


Grow Journal of the Year: 2017 - Grow Journal of the Month: Sept 2017
Definitely half-wild, and not the best strains for THC levels seekers, but with such a character!


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Can we smoke this strain without making charas out of it ?

Don't take my word for it but I am going to say yes you can. I haven't personally tried any charas strains yet but I def plan too and this one is towards the top of the list. I think it comes down to preference of consumption more than anything, I think EU prefers hash but I could be wrong. To my understanding the OP smoked the buds and had a little charas ball from the harvest. But I also know that if the plant produces bud I'm smoking them =]
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