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Nanners!! just before harvest time.

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Hello there :420: I have a plant that is indica dominate of an unknown strain. I'm growing in soil with led. I'm at day 5 of week 8 of flower. While looking things over today I found 3 nanners. I picked them off. The pistils are looking close to being ready, the trichomes are all milky but, none are amber yet. If I miss any nanners between now and harvest, which seems to be just days away, will there be enough time for the plant to focus on seed production which could reduce the potency? Or, is it far enough along that the potency will likely not be affected much?:hmmmm: I'm looking forward to harvest. This is my first grow!:) I'm starting another grow that I want to do a journal for so, I can have some help along the way! Thanks for any info. you can give!:thanks:

CO Finest

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I would say you are far enough in flower not to have a problem. I would still look for them every day and get rid of them like you are doing now.

David Bowman

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Seed productions takes weeks from pollination to fully formed seed. While there may be some minor localized impact from a few pollinations, it shouldn't be enough to have any significant impact on the potency or production of your lady. I'd keep after the nanners and remove any that you find to minimize any pollination, but you should not see any seeds as a result of these nanners this late into flowering.

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Thanks Co. finest and Colorado High! I appreciate the quick response!:3: I'll be keeping a close watch on her. I can't wait for harvest time! Hers is another picture! :yummy:
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