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Nation Should Consider Relaxing Marijuana Laws


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As Americans, the concepts of freedom and justice should always be on our minds. This country has come a long way in guaranteeing certain inalienable rights, but any responsible citizen must realize that there is plenty of room for progress.

The decriminalization of marijuana is no doubt a controversial issue, but it is the next logical step in our path towards freedom. There are numerous shocking statistics on the subject of cannabis, such as the U.S. prison population, the lost revenue due to the prohibition of hemp production, and the health effects of smoking marijuana. I encourage everyone to read about the subject from a variety of sources to become educated on the matter, as there is more than I can include here. After extensive research, I have come to believe that this country would be a safer and more pleasant place by lifting the prohibition on marijuana. There is no proof that marijuana has caused a single death. Meanwhile, money is spent towards the war on drugs, and the incarceration of peaceful users that could otherwise be spent improving our nation's schools.

Like every aspect of public policy, this is an issue that affects us all and it should be treated seriously. Many people in our local community have become victims of this human rights violation. Although such a problem is best dealt with on the national level, you can start by reading up on all the facts and sharing information with friends. Talk to health-care professionals, politicians, and even those who are against legalization in order to form an educated opinion.

Source: The Exponent Online
Author: Richard Leahy (Senior, College of Science)
Contact: online@purdueexponent.org
Website: The Exponent - Purdue's Student Newspaper


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Only American Citizens retain inalienable Rights ( true Rights that government cannot contest or remove , but ony acknowlege ). You as a U.S. citizen , you only have statutory civil rights ( paid for priviliges ) which can be taken at any time , for any reason . The sign on the path towards freedom has been turned 180 degrees , there is NO path towards freedom .....only towards deeper dependancy and enslavement.
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