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National Marijuana Supply Program to Regulate the Drug Cultivation

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During the initial 10 months of past year, Health Canada received 7,385 applications for medical pot licenses where 4,650 people succeeded to avail them.

The Federal Government has expressed enthusiasm to create a new improved system of medical marijuana. Consequently, the government has announced a new national marijuana supply program that will direct the natives from not growing marijuana, even if they need it for medical purposes, and they will have to obtain the drug from licensed or commercial producers. The new regulations to license commercial growers may play a role to win over doctors.

Meanwhile, Matthew Mernagh of St. Catharines living with myriad health problems has credited a victory when Justice Donald Taliano had ruled the marijuana program unconstitutional and directed the respective authorities to mend the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR) , until middle of this month. However, the deadline is extended soon after Federal Government Lawyer, Kevin Wilson, argued on the need of strict laws and regulations.

"The practical effect of the decision if the suspension were permitted to expire on July 14 would be to legalize marijuana production in Ontario, if not across Canada", he explained. "To what extent is the government complicit in the reluctance of doctors to participate? That's the issue".


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