Natural Spirit's Grafting Journey Of 2019

High eveyone!

Its grafting time:cheer:

Some of you remember my tought about one stem, different strains. After launching my idea, there happens to be more people that have done this. I'm thrilled to dive in deep and see where we end up like. My grow space is small. The veg box beeing the smaller of two with 50x50x84 Centimeter. The future may include a bigger box, tough for now we have to do with this.


I'm growing for medical purposes and therefore i like to have several strains ready to clone. This also keeps my costs lower and my mind working on something. The idea is to get it to a strain or 10-ish. Then the Spirit tree will provide me with all sorts of desired clones.


Well the idea has been in my brain for quite some time. It started with a idea of a fruit tree in a garden with all my fav strains. Putting it outside might be possible by using the willow stem, this stem and her roots are used to multiple year circle's and therefore i tought it might be a good challenge :battingeyelashes:

So far i bought this willow stem that has a graft on it already. They choose strong plants for this and i tend to graft a brench on there every now and then untill its a full tree of strains, can you imagine it?:yahoo:

Since this was a commercial bought tree there is nothing to be sure of, I treated her roots with H202 yesterday and then she got a decent neem spray. Should i soak her roots and then put her in my own medium? it sounds so logical to me... Any tips are welcome.

The idea is to slowly update this journal along the year and see what i end up with in a year.

Tips,tricks,howtos and experience is welcome any time:thanks:

I must say I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm fascinated to see how it goes.:popcorn:
I’m in for the grow show!

wooohooo glad to have you on board buddy !

I must say I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm fascinated to see how it goes.:popcorn:

Grab a Seat and Enjoy, who knows grafting is “the thing” of 2019;)

It works great, each strains keeps its unique qualities.

Yeah Thats What I came to understand. Ive tought about it even further... in the future I would love to create one indica, one sativa and one cbd tree. Maybe even cross graft brenches to create Unique clones... the ideas wont stop and This is the new thing that keeps me Up all night thinking:yahoo:
Or Sativa and indica on the same plant.

Well you can put Two pots next to eachother and graft Two random brenches... or you take Two specific selected ones... Its all possible. For now I just graft Everything to one mother. If it works out... I might do seperate ones later...
It absolutely Isnt to easy, grafting is wonderfull but not as easy as putting Two brenches together Hehe.

The willow was chosen cause of the strength and cause Its a multiple Year stem and rootbase. Ive heard several strains grafted and strains would not mix, not Sure What the base was but we Will see What This does pretty soon:p
Ok i had alot of work today, besides the girls ive finally got myself a affortable desktop where i can sit at and therefore a keyboard that wont hurt my fingers as much:yahoo:

Ok back to the grafting part....:battingeyelashes: The Willow has been cleaned. To bad i forgot to take i final pic at the clean roots. Still you can see how much has already came off in this stage..

The way i did it was two buckets and my showerhead. No that isnt a beginning of a spicy story, its how the roots got clean:laugh: After several hours of soaking i had to work hard and wash, massage and remove dirt with my gloves on. All of this was done in room temp water so the roots would not freak more then needed.

Then ive given her some Biobizz All-Mix and a haircut. Really happy and satisfied i found out i need a bigger veg box:hmmmm:

No clue why i havent took any meassurements but we have to work with it now. Maybe i can cut the stem a little and bend her slowly in time? we'll see. So far i only see challenges and no problems:cheer:

The grafting part will begin when i think the Willow is feeling at home and shows no weird signs. I might forgot to check how many hours of light a willow needs... so there is something to do again :yahoo:

Have a wonderfull weekend:circle-of-love:
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