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Nawook's First Micro Grow - Northern Lights Fem - CFL - Soil - 2014


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I started my very first grow as a micro-stealth grow in a modified Cajon (which is roughly 70cm-2ft high) around 20 days ago.
I made a journal from germination to right now (available here), that also has more info on the grow box.

I'm growing in plain boring soil (no additives/ferts), and using H&G 1-Component as fertilizer. I ordered the 3 Northern Lights Feminized seeds directly from Sensi and germinated them about 20 days ago.

I just started mixing nutrients at about 1% in the water, but it seems there is a bit of nute burn, so for the next feed I think I'll back off to 0.25%. Right now the temps are a bit high (about 34°C-93°F on the leaves) but I can't do anything about it for now (my bedroom is at 28°C), the temps will fall in approx. a month or so in my city.

I set up a Tor hidden service (website) with a Raspberry Pi (right in the growbox) to check on the temps/soil moisture/humidity/plants : nlgrow66u5h2b5tr.onion . For those not using Tor, you can try to access it through this proxy (it might be slower though) : nlgrow66u5h2b5tr.tor2web.org

That's it for now, please share your tips (especially for temp control) ;)

Peace :peace:



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Thought I'd give a quick update on the plants:

- One of the plants (the one on the top-right) pot fell over from like 1m and the whole roots et al scattered on the floor. I put it all back in carefully and started foliar feeding (I was afraid some roots on the surface would dry out and not give enough nutrients/water). The plant recovered (at least it doesn't seem to be dying), but growth has slowed down.

- I had some green algae cover the top layer of soil on the same plant because of high soil moisture (and lots of light), so I removed the top 5mm or so of soil and put a ~1inch layer of clay pellets in all pots. So far so good, the algae didn't come back. :)

I moved the bottom-right plant (in the previous picture) to its own cfl (top-left) because it was growing faster than the two others.

I also installed the remote watering system (watering via e-mail commands) : pump/sensor, hoses and stuff








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Sooo, it's been a while since the last update (had quite the busy month at college), and the plants have developed quite a bit :D .

I repotted them in 1 gallon smart-pots (didn't want to go bigger because of lack of space) two weeks ago, and put them into flowering once they were at home in their new pots.
They've just finished their first week of flowering and I had to lst them quite a bit, they were getting way too much tall, touching the lamps and stuff. Also there seems to be a bunch of bud sites developing, mainly on the bigger plant, I'm really excited :)
For feeding, I've upped to 3ml / L , and will be slowly ramping up to 4ml in the next few weeks.


Just after repotting:

First flowering week:



How the box looked like a week ago:


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4th week of flowering :D
Gonna have to leave them for the holidays with remote watering, keeping my fingers crossed :)





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I harvested roughly two weeks ago, right in the middle of my finals week (that's why I'm posting only now), I got some nice yields for such a small space (with cfl's too), here are the weights at harvest:

76.13 g (2.7oz) Bud (not completely manicured)
13.9 g (0.5oz) Popcorn bud (with some small leaves)
20.1 g (0.7oz) Trim (which I used immediately for cannabutter ;)

Here are some pictures of the plants at harvest and of the harvest itself








I've been drying the popcorn faster (no container/jar) and so far I'm lovin' the high. Can't wait for the real bud to be cured :D

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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