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NBT: First Grow Bagseeds Outdoor


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I didn't see that either....I did some checking on some pics I uploaded,and it appears that the forum software automatically resizes them for you to 1280x900,at least that's how mine ended up-most of them started out at 1600x1200
Alright good to know. I'll stop manually resizing them. I think it keeps the aspect ratio of your original but the resize biggest dimension wont exceed 1280 I guess. That will definitely make life easier for updates. Thanks!


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While I'm here. A quick update too I guess. Decided on some nutes since I couldn't find a smaller bag of mega crop. This is what I got.


Hopefully it'll do the trick. Might pick up a small bottle of booster once I get further into bloom too. The girls got their first feeding last night at half strength. Standing tallerthan ever this morning during their trim 3 hours after lights on.

Also did some lollipoping on the girls today. Here they are thinned a bit. They haven't seemed to blink at it even and it's been 3 hours since it's been done.

Figured I might as well get it done sooner than later so the girls focus on growing the good stuff haha. Was out harvesting carrots and rest of green beans then cut and tilled the dirt. It was a gardening kinda day!

Have a great day everyone!


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The wife and I bought a house in May. Has a big garden in the bag (almost too big for me) with great soil in it. Next year I’d like to try my hand at growing some veggies... we will see how that goes. I might not have the time for them who knows lol


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We live in a townhouse with limited space as a large shed takes up most of the yard. I built boxes from pallets, added dirt, seeds etc and have gotten a bit of each we planted. We are looking for a place with a large yard to go bigger next year. This is out second year on our deck with boxes and love it. Lots of mistakes made but it was a great learning experience. This year I had the chance to plant 3 weed seeds at the same time since it's now legal which led to this grow haha. I've always wanted to grow one since I started smoking 18 yrs ago


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I've always wanted to grow one since I started smoking
You know!

Me too! :high-five:

I wanted to, but never paid any attention to how to grow because I knew it was illegal so I never thought I would ever grow, ever!

Then three or four years ago, I tried. Failed miserably.

Started it with the 12/12 schedule. Killed it.

Started to learn a lil bit, but not much.

Then we had a date to when marijuana was going to be legalized. So I started to really put my head into the books. By the time it was legal, I already had two plants, at a fairly big size already.

Anyways, enough about me.. I tend to get carried away with my stories lol
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Hey everyone. Here with an update. Not a whole lot new. The girls got another half strength dose of nutes again this week. Growth seems to be exploding on them though UK2 is still behind UK1 with these nutes. Though not seeing many more white hairs then a week ago. I have adjusted the light higher a couple times an inch to keep up with UK1 but if the height difference keeps up I'm going to have to figure out how to elevate this very heavy pot. UK1 is 34" tall and UK2 is 28".
UK1 left. UK2 right.


UK1 up close

UK2 up close

I also turned the fan up to 2 as the humidity has been high today and I haven't found a suitable dehumidifier yet.

I have never mentioned but I rotate the pots every couple days since the light could stand to be bigger for these girls. Also still no signs of caterpillars so that's great but noticed a few little flies around them but don't seem to be bothering them. I'm not sure how late is too late to use neem.

That's all I've got for today. Might pop back soon as I somehow got a week off after working so much so catching up on things.


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You’ve got some beautiful ladies!

I’ve never used neem oil, so I can’t offer you any assistance on that matter.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the height difference, my green Crack and black diamond were off by about the same amount. They weren’t as tall as yours, but the plant will just take what it needs at the height it’s at. Not to worry man!

have never mentioned but I rotate the pots every couple days
That’s a great idea. As indoor lights are stationary and it can be beneficial spinning periodically. Outdoor, the sun moves along the sky in its typical path, getting the light to both sides of the plant, through out the day.

I also turned the fan up to 2 as the humidity has been high today
What’s the humidity at? If you don’t mind me asking:nerd-with-glasses:


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Hey everyone

Here with an update and a few pictures to share. Since last update I have watered the girls 2 more times but not in large volumes. Approx half gal each and 50% strength nute both times. They seem to be liking the new stuff fine with only minor burn on a couple of leaves it seems and fine the last couple feedings. Next feeding I am going to give full strength an hope for the best. Given their size I think they’ll be fine. It seems over the last weekUK1 has popped lots more white hairs and UK2 just seems to be dragging behind. That suits me fine though. Staggered harvest would make life easier even if only a week or two. Since UK1 has such a height lead I finally gave in and put a pallet under the bin to raise the height to approx the same as UK1 and raised the light another 1” to keep it at 12. I also raised the light 2” a few days ago. Temps holding steady at ~15c day and ~5c at night. Humidity is about 70-80% but still have that fan blowing around the clock and they seem fine with it. Still working on a dehumidifier and now possibly a heater for night time use. I’d love to bring them inside where its warm but the wife says no due to smell. (But I tried hard as I got another temp humidity thing for inside and it is consistently about ~20c and 50% which would be very ideal conditions.) maybe Ill have to beg some more and throw the M word around a bit lmao. But enough chatter here’s some pics







UK1 left, UK2 right. Before and after pallet boost


Also, though I haven’t had the heart to kill her.. the clone has rooted or at least I think as its still green but since Ive kept her inside under 12/12 with the big girls, the clone also thinks its time to flower it appears so going to axe her soon. Just wanted to see if she’d grow before I did.

And the white circle is super sticky to help content with the files which don’t seem to be getting better or worse now.

Side bit.. my veggie garden has pretty much wrapped up for the season now except my tomatoes but its been getting colder and colder at night. Tonight they’re calling for possible frost so I’ll be bringing them in and back out in the am. Another warm spell is coming so hopefully that’ll give at least a few more growing days. So far we’ve harvested 14 tomatoes that were starting to turn orange and have lots more to go as seen in the pic.


The two in bins we’re hoping to get another light and bring inside to continue growing through the winter but we might end up starting from scratch as in the process of getting an SUV so most spare cash is going towards that. Might have to take the plunge and get another Mars TS-1000 instead of the TSW-2000 like I wanted to save for now and just grow the couple tomatoes we chose and wait on starting peppers. It’ll give me an excuse later to get the TSW-2000 for a new batch of girls and let my wife use the 2 TS’1000’s for tomatoes and peppers year round like she wants. (If anyone’s wondering, those are the 2 we use the most that we can grow year round)

That’s all I have for now so until next time, happy growing! Passes left :48:



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Keep trying brother!! She’s got to cave eventually!! :19:

Plants are looking great bro!

Sad about the clone! But that’s what experiments are all about! Congratulations on it rooting btw, that’s something I’ve yet to accomplish! One of these days I’ll try it! :thumb:


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Keep trying brother!! She’s got to cave eventually!!
I got her whittled down to "get rid of the flies and they can come in for a few days" so off to the supplies store to see what I can find to help today and I know it'll turn into a can stay in until done I hope! :slide:

Plants are looking great bro!
Thanks man! Appreciate the kind words! Feel like so far despite a few hiccups I'm killing my first grow.. or I hope haha!


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Hey,NBT,plants are looking super good and healthy!
If the flies you're talking about are soil gnats,Mosquito dunks will
get rid of them in a week or so.
Just drop half of one dunk in your plant water 24 hours before you use it- the dunk will populate the water with BTI, a bacteria that's toxic to soil gnat larva (and mosquito larva,obviously :) ) but totally harmless to your plants.
The larva in the soil will ingest the BTI and die-then you just wait 3 days or so for the adults to die,and you'll be gnatless.
I've been using it for about 8 months,and in that time period I've had about 6 soil gnats.
The soil I use (Black Magic) comes with soil gnats,so I also innoculate it for about a month before I use it.
The dunks are about 7 bucks at Home Depot or Lowes.
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