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NC: 11 Days To Hemp University's Hemp Money Event: Economics, Lessons & Planning

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Hemp, Inc., a global leader in the industrial hemp industry with the largest multi-purpose industrial hemp processing facility in the western hemisphere, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Hemp University, LLC will hold its most vital and anticipated educational symposium of the year... Hemp Money Event: Economics, Lessons & Planning for 2018. The symposium will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST at the Shrine Club (320 Airport Rd, Rocky Mount, NC 27804). Attendees will learn the economics of growing industrial hemp for fiber, seeds, and CBD; learn from mastery POD growers about their experiences and lessons learned; and, learn how to prepare for the 2018 industrial hemp growing season with a well-defined blueprint for success.

The Hemp Money Event: Economics, Lessons & Planning for 2018 is Hemp University's last event of 2017 and it's the fifth of seven certification classes. Attendees will receive 6-credits for attending this educational event. Rick Rainbolt, President of Hemp University, LLC, said, "Our goal at Hemp University, Inc. is to help individuals who are completely committed to achieving the very highest standards in this emerging and profitable industry become successful. With just 11 days left until the event, our team has worked endlessly to bring our attendees the best possible speakers, trainers and coaches. I feel this last event of the year (The Hemp Money Event: Economics, Lessons & Planning for 2018) has the strongest line-up of speakers and will be our biggest and best event of 2017 yet. Our line-up faculty of Mastery POD growers and farmers will be sharing not only their growing strategies, but also their vital mistakes, which are crucial for those individuals looking to get involved in growing industrial hemp."

According to Rainbolt, this particular educational event is designed to give attendees the "final piece" of the "Industrial Hemp Formula" to success. As noted under the coursework description, "The economics effects all phases of your business and is one of the main drivers of why we are involved. In addition, learning from our 2017 growers can save you thousands or maybe even save your business. Finally, with this new information, you can more accurately plan for the 2018 growing season."

With limited seating and tickets rapidly selling out, attendees are urged to purchase their tickets now to ensure access to the symposium because the first four Hemp University symposiums have been sold-out events. "We've actually had to turn people away. That's why we're saying 'first come, first serve' so to speak. The educational symposiums have been chock-full of important information, thus drawing many farmers, entrepreneurs and investors wanting to attend. Our company can also help attendees purchase hemp seeds, hemp clones, hemp mother plants, fertilizers, advance soil amendments such as Soil Balance, greenhouses, grow lights, bailors and, very soon, CBD extractors with a 'no money up front revenue share model'," says Perlowin.

"We hold these events to help landowners, farmers and entrepreneurs add a new viable and profitable income stream by maximizing their per-acre crop revenue and to create American jobs," said Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. "The industry's latest estimates predict the entire U.S. hemp industry could grow to $1.8 billion in sales by 2020, largely driven by hemp foods, body care and CBD-based products. North Carolina is starting to become a formidable player in the field, with some of the biggest influencers in the industry interested in this business. Those who win big in the industrial hemp industry are the ones who commit to nothing less than excellence and work together as a team and our industrial hemp educational symposiums are amazing vehicles to help foster this."

Instructors of this event will include:

(1) Erik Larson, entrepreneur, inventor, and product developer with a 25-year track record of bridging gaps between business developers, engineers, and production floors;

(2) Preston Gardner (Special VIP and Guest Speaker), is a market research analyst contributing to New Leaf Data Services and Cannabis Benchmarks® with over seven years of experience analyzing alternative energy, biopharmaceutical, financial services, and petroleum;

(3) Dr. Robert Bruck, Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science at Louisburg College and current Dean of Hemp University;

(4) Jermyn Shannon-El, founder of the Cannabis Kollective Inc., a cannabis-focused consultancy and creative agency of relevant and informed business professionals, patients, and wellness advocates;

(5) Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc.;

(6) David Schmitt, is COO of Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hemp, Inc.;

(7) Bob Crumley, founder of Crumley-Roberts Attorneys at Law, FoundersHemp.com and the NC Industrial Hemp Association, Bob has played a vital role in getting North Carolina growing Hemp once again;

(8) Tony Finch, certified master grower;

(9) Harold Avery, certified master grower;

(10) Denny Lee, certified master grower; and,

(11) Keith Dunn, certified master grower.

The master growers will share their actual experiences, the latest reliable information in growing industrial hemp in North Carolina; their growing strategies and techniques in addition to sharing vital mistakes to learn from.


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