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NE Hempstock 2010 denied permit!


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File this under BS!!!! For the record the town of Douglas has bout 150 people who live there....maybe. The park is private but you can't have lould music??? Bull Sh!t.....

More of the man keeping us down....

A festival planned this weekend in Douglas, Neb., to promote the legalization of marijuana and other uses of cannabis has been denied a permit to hold the event.

The Douglas Village Board on Monday night denied the permit to the owner of a private campground, Itchycoo Park, where the 1st annual Nebraska Hempstock Festival was planned this Friday through Saturday.

A member of the board, Dan Adkins, said the denial was prompted by the failure of the private campground's owner to seek a special use permit to hold an event that features loud music.

"It didn't have anything with the content of the show," Adkins said. "The property out there isn't zoned for that use."

A marijuana activist, Diana Wulf, said the denial will likely lead to cancellation of the event in Douglas, which is about 30 miles southeast of Lincoln.

The event was patterned after similar pro-marijuana hemp festivals held in other states. It was to feature bands, a hemp clothing fashion show and workshops to promote the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and industrial purposes.

A pro-marijuana group has said it plans a petition drive next year to seek the legalization of marijuana for cancer patients seeking pain relief and other medical purposes.


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I was pretty disappointed to hear it was canceled, I was completely set on going. But at the same time, rules are rules. It doesn't have anything to do with "the man" keeping anyone down...in fact, Nebraska is surprisingly tolerant of marijuana use despite its right-wing leanings. He failed to file the permit, simple as that. If anything, you should blame weed. I bet he would've filed the permit had he not hit the pipe one more time ;)


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Good point McGrunge.....but you have to admit the permit issue is just a little bit too convenient....and in a small small town where everybody knows everybody, concessions can be made and often are.
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