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NE: Students Speak On Medicinal Marijuana Benefits

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With medical marijuana laws on the rise across the country, Doane students let their voice be heard on whether they think cannabis has benefits and their thoughts on the legalization of marijuana reaching Nebraska.

Freshman Nicco Young is originally from Colorado, he said.

In his hometown, Nicco knows several friends and neighbors who utilize the medical benefits of marijuana, he said.

"They are more than thankful for the relief that the medicine brings them," Young said. "And that this type of treatment is available to them."

In talking to them, Young said these people feel a relief of pain and soreness, and overall a higher level of happiness.

Because of talking with these patients of medical marijuana treatment, Young is in support of legalization in Nebraska, he said.

"I think that the benefits of medical marijuana are endless," Young said.

Although Young is all for marijuana laws in Nebraska, he doesn't see any direct correlation between legalizing marijuana and Doane students, he said.

"I think some students could benefit from it," Young said. "Especially because in my opinion marijuana is not as dangerous as alcohol is."

Sophomore Nathan Wiebers said he feels similar about the legalization of marijuana in Nebraska.

"I am sure smoking marijuana has bad side effects from the simple fact that you are smoking it," Wiebers said. "But the effects of smoking marijuana are not near as bad as cigars or cigarettes."

Wiebers said that he supports legalization because of it's many medical benefits that could lead to better treatments for various diseases and disorders.

"Although marijuana might have a really bad rap," Wiebers said. "With the proper knowledge of marijuana and what it can do, people would be able to feel more positive about the idea."

As for on Doane campus, Wiebers said that he doesn't know how Doane's students would react to the legalization of marijuana.

A sophomore who wishes to remain anonymous, doesn't think that legalization of marijuana would affect the Doane campus at all, he said.

In his opinion the effect will be quite a few medical benefits for the community, and increased revenue for the state of Nebraska. It is important for people to be educated and know what the plants benefits are, he said."People who are against the uses and benefits of marijuana need to become educated before they can make assumptions."

Young agrees that people need to be more open about learning and educating themselves on the topic.

"People need to read and research marijuana on their own so they do not develop false opinions without knowing the real benefits of marijuana," Young said. "People need to give it a chance and open their eyes to the positive impact marijuana could have both medically and financially."

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