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Nearly 30 Parties Hope To Become Medical Cannabis Manufacturers In Minnesota

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The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) reports they received 29 letters of intent from parties applying to become certified medical cannabis manufacturers in Minnesota's medical cannabis program on Friday. Those interested in the program were advised that they had until Friday to submit letters of intent. The MDH explains that the letters were supposed to include the parties' plans for submitting a full application by Friday, Oct. 3 - which is the official deadline.

The department expects to select just two applicants which will become Minnesota's official medical cannabis manufacturers responsible for growing, processing into pill/liquid form and distributing. They will create a network of eight dispensaries (four dispensaries per manufacturer) to be established around the state, MDH said. Completing a letter of intent by the deadline Friday does not mean you have to formally apply, the MDH explains. After the October deadline, the MDH will start to evaluate all of the applications. They hope to complete their selection process by Monday, Dec. 1. There is more information regarding the medical cannabis program here.


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It's a start. Many sick people in Minnesota will benefit from medicinal use. It was heart breaking to see the small children on the news, and the parents begging the governor to do something and he told them to "get their pot off the streets".
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