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Nearly 70 Percent Of Marijuana Businesses In WA Plan To Hire

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Most cannabis companies in Washington State plan to hire new employees when their state license is issued, according to a new survey. "The marijuana industry could see a hiring bonanza," said Jim MacRae, PhD from MJ Research, a market research firm recently established by the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA). "Entrepreneurs are confident they can succeed in this business, and they are eager to hire motivated people."

The survey indicates that half of all pot businesses currently employee at least one person, with only a fraction employing more than five people. Regulators have been slow to issue licenses and only a handful of pot stores are open for business in the state. MacRae expects that to change, and says new hires will increase as new marijuana companies turn on the lights. The survey indicates that cannabis companies are overwhelmingly confident, despite half reporting that their business is undercapitalized. Will such high hopes translate to long-term success for pot companies? It's too early to tell, says MacRae. "But in the short term, this cannabis confidence translates to real jobs for real people in Washington State."


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