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Nearly static pH in hydro - Should I enforce fluctuations?


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i hadn't adjusted my PH the whole day as there was nothing to adjust ...

after changing my water on 11-27 to bloom nutes and adding voodoo juice, tarantula and piranha from AN (one or all of those are the cause of this, as i started to notice it after my first usage of those products in veg, but had a slight shift in ph back then ....).
After some days now, my ph rise is constantly slowing down again (the first day i had a 12 hour rise of approximately .6 ph with the new water) and now has nearly stopped as it seems. i don't know about any issues with my plant, she has healthy roots, water is smelling nice and 'earthly' at the moment. no foul or rotten odor (had an aquarium for nearly 20 years so i think i might have a slight idea about how bad water smells).

after the first days, it started to slow down to an actual rise of 0.1 from yesterday morning 5.7 to my actual 5.8 value (ph meter makes a little break at 5.9, goes down to 5.8 after some seconds and then locks the value so it might be a little bit higher but not enough for 5.9, ph pen is calibrated), 36 hours and a .1 ph rise...

she took approximately 4l of water today and an equivalent of ~15ml hesi nutes, from ec 1.65 down to 1.58 without ph fluctuations (measured every 2 hours) water temps were below 20°C/68F the whole day.

should i enforce slight adjustments, let's say 0.1 per 4 hours or even longer periods in the hydro ph range or should i just continue monitoring it for the next days and adjust it only if it gets out of the optimum range or any deficiency are showing up ?

please enlighten a new grower, as i don't have any clue how to react (despite being happy not to put 10ml acid into the res every day) :)

for general pictures you can take a look at my journal linked in my sig or if you need more specific information just ask :)

i added an additional airstone in my res tank yesterday to increase oxygen over there, but it had no impact on the overall ph value as far as i can tell.

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as mentioned, i'm using hesi and 'some' AN products, but not the complete line and had to adjust like every hour the previous weeks ...
as far as i remember, the ph perfect thing will set the ph to 5.8 ... so the answer to my question is just to monitor it as ph 5.8 shouldn't lockout any nutes ?!?!


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i've started to adjust my ph as she started to show a slight mag deficiency again ... a little bit of bleaching and every other symptom i had in this thread (Slight nute burn?)
it just started, so i think maybe she's not getting enough ...
i raised it to 5.9 yesterday, got to 6.0 today and will start to drop it again tomorrow by 0.1 margin per day, should give her time to adapt without too much stress and hopefully get the stuff she needs (i recalibrated my martini ph pen before to be sure it's not off, it wasn't) :)


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although many people say 5.5 is the best place to e i actually like to sit in the 5.8-6.3 range, and as long as the plant is taking up water and nutes dont be concerned with the ph, unless you are noticing deficiencies. It sounds like you are using a lot of products, so it may be over nutes to some degree. I prefer to spoon feed my plants what they need rather then throw the kitchen sink in and hope for the best


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after raising the ph and applying epsom salt as foliage spray, she had a boost since then and some of the older light green leaves are becomming darker again, though some parts are damaged beyond repair, i can only count like 4 or 5 affected leafs with small permanent patches. i think she wasn't able to satisfy her needs but still had access to mg as problem was spreading much slower then thew first time i had this problem with her :)

btw, i got the info to use a 2% Epsom solution for foliage spraying .... i ended with 0.5% solution, mixed with ro water at approx. 2.0 ec ... seemed so hot i refrained from using any more Epsom salt ....
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